Off Topic – AT&T – DIRECTV customers may lose access to WFTV-WRDQ

Information compiled by Robert Voss

Recently, viewer watching WFTV-WRDQ you may have seen announcements appearing on a ticker and on their website too. Currently station management at WFTV-WRDQ is trying to re-negotiate a carriage agreement with the cable and satellite companies such as AT&T & DIRECTV, and other too.

TV management has negotiated over hundreds of agreements in the past. This is nothing new to the broadcast industry.

At this time, AT&T and DIRECTV have refused to agree to a fair market deal with Cox Media Group/ Apollo Media Group for WFTV-WDRQ programs and services that customers demand and want.

The current contact expires after 2:59am Eastern Time on February 2, 2021. If an agreement can’t be reach before this date then you will lose live access to shows, sports, and local news casts which you rely on and are paying for it in your monthly bill.

AT&T and DIRECTV customers are advised to call your provider and voice your concerns that you want WFTV-WRDQ to continue their regular broadcast signal to your provider.

If and or when the contract end and is not renewed then the consumer must purchase and hook up an over the air antenna to your television set. They can be purchased at any local retail store that sells electronics.

Right now the ball is in AT&T and DIRECTV court to cut a fair deal. Only time will tell. For more information please visit

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