Introducing Sermon Sketch Series By Nathan Wertheimer

Graphic courtesy by Nathan Wertheimer

Press Release by Robert Voss

Central Florida – Ladies and Gentlemen get ready for a new feature on called Sermon Sketch Series created by Illustrator/Cartoonist Nathan Wertheimer. These are Wertheimer’s interpretations and depictions from actual religion Sermons from Sunday services. Most of these Sermon sketches are meant to be non-denominational religious pictures.

Why create Sermon sketches for the public? Many people can’t see the big picture in their head and maybe lost within the audio of a Sermon. When a Sermon is being spoken there is usually no visual reference to show the audience. At the end of the sermon, this gives everyone an opportunity to see what is the main focus and is visually communicated effectively.

This is not a new concept in the world of religion. Some religious institutions frown on this practice. There are very few people who conduct this task of visually depicting a clergy’s Sermon from what is being said and told. Wertheimer believed that anyone who has an artistic talent should be encouraged to sketch the key points from a Sermon. This will keep some people engaged while others will see the visual results from a Sermon. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

A Sunday Sermon can only be remembered by it’s congregation members until no one can recall it anymore. That is why the Sermon Sketch Series were created to give viewers and chance to view past and current Sermon Sketches. There is always a key message in the Sermon illustration to reflect on. All Sermon sketches are unique and never duplicated with the same message we hope.

When Illustrator Wertheimer attends and or views you’re an online religious service, he will be taking notes spoken from the Sermon. At this time, no artwork will be created while the Sermon is being spoken at the religious service. In the future, this could change. Later, a Sermon sketch is produced in his Office/Studio to make sure the keys points are being told and understood. Some Sermon key points may have to be researched for accuracy before sketched out then published.

Graphics created by Nathan Wertheimer / Otownfun

If you would like Illustrator Wertheimer, to attend one of your religious services in person and or online then please contact All requests are reviewed prior to committing to view and or attend your religious service. He is open to all religions and respects everyone’s views too. Please review past and current Sermon Sketch Series to see if fits your religious institution fine art and communication policy.

About Illustrator/Cartoonist Nathan Wertheimer who created The Coronavirus Guy and Ned’s Life Unfiltered, which are unique cartoon characters, and now the Sermon Sketch Series. He grew up loving to draw, paint, and capturing photos. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Arts and Illustration from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Also, is an accomplished Multimedia Journalist with When he is not creating content for his website he works a full-time job in the Security field. Many people ask him how does he find the time to create so much content? Wertheimer’s answer, “I love what I do and it shows.”

Currently, is looking for other media outlets that want to publish Sermon Sketch Series in print and or online too. We are in the process of trying to syndicate and distribute this new religious illustration series. Certain restriction may apply. If interested please contact .

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Graphics created by Nathan Wertheimer / Otownfun

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