Off Topic – Received an email from SelectQuote

By Robert Voss

This week, I received an email from SelectQuote by a third party emarketing company. So I decided to analyze this email sender and the background into this company. There are many consumers received this email and are wondering why. You may not have been the target audience, but you still received this email.

The email I received had the subject line of [Let us help find the right Life Insurance Policy that fits your needs] and was sent by (SelectQuote Life Insurance). When conducting a search on it comes up with an entertainment and sports news main page. This webpage is laid out quite simple. They mentioned their company address at 1467 Siskiyou Boulevard, #2022, Ashland, OR 97520-2336. This address is cross-reference to a post office box at The Mail stop. Mostly like, this emarketer is running their business out of their own home.

Who is SelectQuote? This company is an insurance referral service. They market insurance for consumers looking for home, health, child’s college education, financial stability, and financial security. They have been in business since 1985.

This mission on their website states [is to help people protect their most valuable assets and overall financial well-being by finding the best insurance for them at the best price in just minutes. We’re here to serve as a resource, answer questions and share unbiased price comparisons from some of the country’s leading insurance companies, giving individuals choice, value and peace of mind when it comes to buying insurance.] SelectQuote Corporate office is located at 6800 West 115th Street, Suite 2511, Overland Park, KS 66211.

On top of the body of the email has a headline as [We do the shopping. You do the saving.] Then the subhead line reads [Trust America’s #1 Term Life sales agency to find you the best policy at the right price. Followed by an orange button to “Get your free quote.” Plus, there is a photo of a couple and their child having a good time.

The main body of this email advertisement states, “What are the different types of life insurance?” Plus they list of insurance polices such as term life, permanent life, universal life, whole life, and final expenses.

I was curious about enter my zip code and get a free quote. So I click on the “Enter Zip – Get Free Quote” button and was directed to

and then redirect viewers to

One can’t enter their zip on the email advertisement.

On the footer of this email it says “We shop highly rated insurance companies to save you time & money.” Along with a disclaimer on the bottom that reads [SelectQuote Insurance services offers insurance products and services through its licensed insurance agency. SelectQuote Insurance Services, LLC. SelectQuote  Insurance Services is not an insurance company. We represent trusted insurance companies, and receive commissions – and possibly other performance-based compensation – for our services.  Products and services are not available in all states.

This email was sent to you on behalf of SelectQuote by a third-party marketing company. You are receiving this email from this third-party marketing company because you have expressed your interest in receiving commercial email through a site or sites associated with them. This email contains information regarding products and services offered by SelectQuote. If you do not wish to receive email messages from SelectQuote that are advertising or promotional in nature, please unsubscribe (click on the link here at . It is advised never to click on a third party unsubscribe link and go directly to the company sending you the email.

Finally, when looking for any insurance product please do your homework before buying any insurance products. If you want to use SelectQuote please go directly to their website at .

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