Product Review – 2020 Turbotax Online Tax Filing

By Robert Voss
Independent Review

Today, I just finished my tax for the year 2020 and I wanted to share my experience with this software. Anyone with some computer knowledge should be able to navigate this software for him or herself. This is my first time ever using this software. Just take your time and be patient. Good results will happen.

Here is some brief history about Turbotax by Intuit. This is an American company, which was founded in 1983 by Scoot Cook and Tom Proulx. Their business mainly focuses on personal finance, accounting, and tax software. Their current headquarters in located in Mountain View, California. They have approximately 9,400 employees working for this company.

There are many competitors out on the market for tax software. Here are just some on the market, which are H&R Block, TaxSlayer, TaxAct, Jackson Hewitt, and much more. Each company will have different prices for their product. Less is not always more.

Last year, I paid $225 to at a Downtown Orlando CPA firm. Their tax rate is by the hour and not a flat rate. This year I reconsidered going back because of the high hourly rate and the poor quality of service that I received last year. That is when my brother told me to try Turbotax Online Tax Filing software. He had used this software for many years and had no problems. So I decided to give it a try. What did I have to loose. My parents too may be using Turbotax because they want to save money this year too. It is a family affair using this software.

Before going on the 2020 Turbotax Online Tax filing make sure you have all the paperwork and or electronic files in front of you. It will save you some time to get the documents needed for your tax filing. The forms that I needed were W-2, 1040,1095A, 1098, County Property Tax, donations, and much more.

To start the Turbotax online filing return please go to . Next, you’ll “create an account” for first time users. Don’t worry; it will walk you through the process. It took me approximately 1-2 hours to complete a full tax return without state taxes. For some people it maybe less than an hour which is based on your personal taxes.

The product that I purchased from Turbotax was the Deluxe – Maximize deductions & credits for just $90 without state taxes. There are other products that they offer too. Turbotax even offers full service ranging from Free -$260. Rates may go up without notice.

Once my taxes were finished Turbotax sent my Federal tax return to the IRS. Then I received and email from Turbotax the IRS rejected my return. This was because I did not the correct amount for gross income for 2019. It was not a big problem. I went ahead and pulled my W-2s and added both W-2s and was able to input the correct gross income and re-submitted my tax return tot the IRS. Turbotax said it was a common problem. I had no issues re-submitting back to the IRS. Next, I received and email from Turbotax that it was accepted. That was a good thing!

If you have any problem that arises then please remain calm and check the help area on Turbotax. If you need additional help to sign-up for the Live feature for additional fee.

Finally, I love and trust Turbotax. I don’t I’ll go back to my former CPA firm again. This is a top industry leader in tax software and they have proved this overtime. Don’t take my word for it.

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