Off Topic – Received an email entitled Congratulation UPS Customer

By Robert Voss

Recently, I received an email entitled “Congratulation UPS Customer” from UPS Offer which was sent by . This was not an official email sent by United Parcel Service (UPS). However, a third party emarketing company that sent it. Wow, what did I win? Looks like nothing so far.

Who is ? When you go to the True South Services homepage it looks like a media page with travel and entertainment articles. Plus, viewers can “Your Unsubscribe” to future emails. This emarketing company is located in 435 West Yellowstone, Montana 59758. This address is a QuickPrint of West Yellowstone Post Office Box. It is believed this emarketing company is working out of their home at this time.

Attached to this email was an advertisement. It states, [Please tell us about your: UPS experiences and as a thank you, you can select from several exclusive offer rewards! Supply is extremely limited so act fast today!] There is a photo depicting several bins full of packages. Then underneath the photo is an orange button marked “Take Survey Now.” When viewers click on the button it takes viewers to–1613982608-37b5-4dc2-93c6-3fa7dcc2f27a-l1 then redirects viewers to×600&os_name=Mac%20OS%20X&os_version=10.13&country=United%20States&country_code=US&isp=CenturyLink&ip=;%20Intel%20Mac%20OS%20X%2010.13;%20rv:85.0)%20Gecko/20100101%20Firefox/85.0&lpkey=165814ae0802479470&target=up&device=DESKTOP&country=US&ts=id6&uclick=16a0uquo&uclickhash=16a0uquo-16a0uquo-h9fn-hei4-3vi4-j29z-9zhq-bb79a2#

There is a disclaimer on the bottom of the page. It states, [This offer requires paid participation within the Advertiser’s reward program, details – see landing page disclaimer.

Once on the new page with the header of “Postal Survey” and “Over $5,000,000 worth of offers given out in 2020!.” On the footer of the page has “Offer expires in (count down clock). Viewers have 6 minutes to make a decision.

If you click on the survey it will ask viewers seven various questions related to target marketing. Once finished you’ll choose your prize ranging from house products, electrics to everything else in between. Viewer must pay shipping to claim their prize. Why should I have to pay for any prize that I won? Just think about it. I’m doing them a service by answering their questions.

Finally, I decided not to choose a prize and close out the website window. Always do your homework before engaging into an emarketing survey. Once they have the information they will be targeting you. It is not easy to get off of their data list. Just put their emails in the spam folder if you choose.

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