Activity Review – 2021 Inaugural Orlando Magic 5K Virtual Race Experience

Graphics courtesy by Track Shack

By Nathan Wertheimer

On Saturday, April 10, 2021, at around 7:30am, I participated in the 2021 Inaugural Orlando Magic 5K Virtual Race. This race could be completed anywhere in the world. There was an open window from 7am – 12pm. I choose Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs to complete in this virtual 5K race. Yes, I saw a few people ware the Black Orlando Magic ball cap out on this course too.

A couple of days before this race, I picked up my race packet which included Finisher Medal, Gender Specific Tank Top, Black Orlando Magic Hat,  Real-Time Remote Racing through the Track Shack Timing & Tracking app, Orlando Magic Spotify Playlist, 8-Week Training Guide, Customized Finisher Certificate, and Receive 50% off at the Orlando Magic Team Store with code (in store or pickup only). While at the store, I asked the Track Shack deck clerk to assist me with registering the app to get ready for this race. She walked me through the steps with no problems.

On the day of the race, I ate a light breakfast and was ready to go. Weather condition on this early morning day was very cool with a slight breeze. I dressed in sweet pants, t-shirt, a windbreaker, and runner shoes. It was very comfortable. Plus, I brought along some bottled water for the end of the race.

Next, I headed from my home to Cranes Roost Park. There was plenty of free street parking on Cranes Roost Boulevard. Before starting the race, I had to set the cell phone 5k-race app to get ready to start the race. This task delayed me from starting the race. It was not a big issue.

The app that was used was Upon opening the app I had to go to my email to confirm before the app started working. Then I looked for the email subject line was “Spring Fling 5K – Please finish claiming your profile.” Once I opened this email and clicked on the link to “Verify Claim Profile.” There was nothing else that needed to be done. That was a good thing.

Next, I clicked on the RTRT/me start button to start my 5k race, it kept track of my position, time, distance. Plus, I was listened to some music while on the racecourse. This helped me get through the course with no problem. During the race, the app would tell me what mile point I was at. Towards the tail end of the race, one could hear a crowd cheering me on. What a neat thing it was.

The only problem I saw on the racecourse was the boardwalks were wet. I would not advise running on these boardwalks when they are wet. There is a chance to slip and fall injuries.

While enjoying my power walking on the racecourse, I saw a variety of people trying to exercise. I counted about six people out on the racecourse who was participating in the Orlando Magic 5K Virtual Race. One group of ladies had an issue with trying to get the race app to work. I directed them to check their email to verify. Eventually, I saw them running on the racecourse. It took me about 3.25 laps around Cranes Roost Lake/Retention Pond. The app clocked me from start to finish was about 47:06. After finishing the race, I was sweeting in the windbreaker and glad to be finished.

Overall, I had fun with this virtual 5k race. Yes, I would do it again. If you have never experience a 5k race then set your goal and do it. Here is a link for past event information at .

Graphics by Nathan Wertheimer /

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