Store Review – Experience of Getting the COVID-19 J&J Vaccine at CVS Drugs

By Robert Voss

Central Florida – Appointments for the FREE COVID-19 Vaccine are now easier to find. Now most people are thinking whether to get the shot or not. This depends on you. A few weeks ago it was impossible to get an appointment for the COVID-19 shot at any local drug store or grocery store in my area. Now there are more opportunities to get your shot in the Metro Orlando area.

However, that week had changed. On Monday, April 26, 2021, I went online to CVS website and navigated to the COVID-19 Vaccine appointments for my area. Just put in your zip code and it will find the closet locations to you. Watch for locations giving 2-dose vaccine and or the 1-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I found an appointment the next day in the morning for the 1-dose vaccine. I was extremely happy to get the 1-dose shot. Next, I had to fill out the patient medical questionnaire to book my appointment. Once finished, I confirm my appointment via text.

Do your own research on which vaccine to get. There are three different ones out on the market such as Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. More might be added in the future. The FDA must approve each pharmaceutical manufacturer product before being released for public use. Some medical trials maybe fast tracked to get their product to the market. There are side effects to each product on the market.

Well, I decided to go with the 1-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. If you’re a fearful like me then go with the 1-dose vaccination procedure. Appointments are only open during pharmacy business hours. The appointments are separated by 30 minutes each. So you will not have to stand in a long line of people to get their shot. Don’t arrive super early because they will not take you until on the appointment time.

When you arrive click on the text message 15 minutes before your appointment. This will alert the pharmacy staff. Be patient while they get the shot ready for you. Please sit in the waiting area behind the partition. They will ask you for your government ID and birthday. Next, think about which arm you want the injection in. Right or left?

Next, expect the Pharmacist to be very pleasant with you. Some people have a fear of getting an injection. She was very reassuming that everything would be fine. Just a friendly remember to look away when getting the shot. You’ll feel a small prick in the arm for about 5 second then the Pharmacist will put on a bandage over the area then your done! You might have some tenderness after the injection. This is normal.

After my procedure, I felt very numb to the point of passing out, yet that did not happen. This was caused by my fear of getting the injection. Then my body was telling me that I was coming into a light shock (Strong Emotional Response) with this procedure. Next, I broke out into a cold sweat. Eventually, my numbness went away over a period of time. This had happened to me years ago when getting an injection for a medical procedure. So I knew this was going to happen this time. This was not the fault from the vaccine. However, my arm was a little tender and sore. I did survive like everyone else. Other patients may react differently.

Finally, I could not wait to go home, but I had to wait 35 minutes before the Pharmacist would release me from the store. On average most people who get the shot have to wait only 15 minutes then go. This is a safety precaution. Before I left, the Pharmacist directed me to call her once I got home. She wanted to make sure I got home safely. CVS really does care about their patients. Yes, I would go back to CVS drug store to have any vaccinations. The environment was very comfortable with very few people around. For more information on the CVS vaccination locations please visit


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