Cartoonist Nathan Wertheimer Hands Over Rough Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series Sketches to Orange County Regional History Museum

Press Release by Robert Voss

Downtown Orlando, FL – On Monday, May 18, 2021, Cartoonist Nathan Wertheimer delivered most of the rough Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series Sketches over to Orange County Regional History Museum for safe keeping. These sketches are valuable because it tells a story about this pandemic which we are in currently. Plus, this will shed light on what it was like in the future. Wertheimer kept some sketches and will given away to people he knows as gifts. If this pandemic did not happen then you would not have ever scene this cartoon character at all.

This cartoon series was published from March 2020 thru December 2020. Cartooning was new to Wertheimer and had no clue how it was out it was going to turn out. There were 201 cartoon postings of the Coronavirus Guy on along on social media too. At the beginning of this cartoon series they were produced in black and white. Then towards the end of this series Wertheimer added color. This made the cartoon come alive. Without the color it felt like the old time newspaper comics.

I had a chance to sat down with Wertheimer and asked him many questions. Here is what he had to say. Some of the answer may surprise you.

Q: Why are you given away these Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Sketches over to the Orange County Regional History Museum?

A: If I did not give my sketches to the museum they would go right into the trash other wise. All of the sketches have been scanned, so why would there be a need to have to keep them around by taking up space.

Q: How long does it take you to concept these individual cartoon sketch scene?

A: Once you have an idea it can take 1-2 hours to sketch it out and then ink out for scanning. It is a really big process from start to finish. When I publish each scene it is a good feeling and you hope people will enjoy it.

Q: Why were most of the Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series produced in black and white?

A: This was my first cartoon series and I wanted to focus on getting the content right and not having to worry able the color theory. No one wants to clash colors in their work. So I kept it simple. At the end, I wanted to explore adding color to the scenes and it was an easy transition.

Q: What is your current cartoon project you are working on?

A: Currently, I’m working on Ned’s Life Unfiltered Cartoon Series. There has been 100+ produced scenes already and more to come. Stay tuned!

Q: What is the difference between the Coronavirus Guy and your new cartoon called Ned’s Life Unfiltered?

A: The only difference with the character is that it doesn’t have the Coronavirus stems on his head. It is still the same style of character with similar content.

Q: What was your favorite Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series scene?

A: My favorite Coronavirus Guy with wax people figures melting for climate change in Edition #117. Plus, it was a special edition for Cleo Institute with their wax people melting away in Downtown Orlando in September 2020. This scene was created on location in Downtown Orlando. Then added my character to complete the scene. What a fun time sketching this scene. There are not too many opportunities do this. One needs to take advantage when you see it.

Q: How do you want the Coronavirus Guy Cartoon Series to be remembered?

A: This was my full cartoon series that started it all for me. I am grateful for this opportunity during this pandemic to entertain the general public. Even it if it was for a minute.

Q: How did your cartoon character evolve over time during the series?

A: The very first cartoon posting was an idea that needed to get off the ground. From there, I was able to tweak the character to keep it consistent.  The early cartoon character had some variations. Then at some point it took on it’s own personality.

Q: Why did you cancel this cartoon series at the end of December 2020?

A: It was time to move on, this was a depressing time. This character needed to be put to rest. So I decided to morph this character into Ned who went into the new cartoon series called Ned’s Life Unfiltered.

Q: What are you future goals?
A: One day, I plan to teach some visual fine art courses.

Here is some brief information about Wertheimer. He is an Artist and Multimedia Journalist who created this unique cartoon character. Wertheimer holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Arts and Illustration from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Also, is an accomplished Multimedia Journalist with When he is not creating content for the website he works a full-time job in the Security field. Many people ask him how does he find the time to create so much content? Wertheimer’s answer, “I love what I do and it shows.”

The Coronavirus Guy will live on into the future. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the to Orange County Regional History Museum continues to collect artifacts from the area to be put on display in the future. Wertheimer can’t wait to see his cartoon to be put on display in the future. What do you think of the Coronavirus Cartoon Series?

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