Pentecostal of Apopka Church Is Changing Forever

Article graphics courtesy by POA Church in Apopka

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multi-Media Journalist

Apopka, FL – This Pentecostal church keeps evolving with the times. There are a lot of new things happening here. This is the time to join the POA family. Everyone is welcome to attend this church. You will be treated like family here. Many congregants have been attending this church for many years.

Now the torch is being passed to the next generation. A few weeks ago, on April 25, 2021, the church held an election to promote Senior Pastor Michael Williams to Bishop. While Pastor Caleb & Rory Hill plan to take over day-to-day operations of the church, while they were gaining experience along the way. This has been in the planning for some time. The future is bright for this church. Standing in the wings is Pastor & Sister Hill two sons Ezra and Lennox. Hopefully, they will step up when it becomes their time.

Bishop Williams said, “no one is retiring from this church and I plan on staying here.” He made this perfectly clear. Williams truly loves this church and all of the followers.

Pastor Celeb & Rory Hill will be taking on more responsibility. Sister Williams made the comment that “now I can go on vacation and not have to worry.” Both Bishop & Sister Williams deserve a great vacation to relax. There are a few church members who can recall how this church started from scratch.

Back in the 1980’s, I visited this church with my grade school and Senior Pastor Williams at the time gave our class a tour of this church. Then last year, a close friend invited me back to this church. At the time, I did not realize that I had been at this church before. Then something told me I had been here before. I could re-call the class field trip to POA. Wow, how exciting!

You may have been wondering why I am taking a lot of notes and sketching/drawing in Bible study class and in the worship services too. Currently, I am downloading and drawing from God. This is an experiment that I have been wanted to do for many years. This is nothing new. Before starting this experiment, I was given permission from Pastor Hill. He agreed and said go for it.

Today, I continue to produce several weekly Sermon Sketch Series and Religious Depiction Sketches on along on social media too. I don’t plan on stopping what I’ve already started. Now I have a stronger connection to God than I ever have before. Why am I creating these religious sketches? There are some strong religious points from the Bible Study class and from the worship Sermon that words can’t describe it. That is why a visual example needs to be produced and published. The viewer needs to experience it for them selves.

At some point, I will be sharing my experience with the rest of the congregation. I am currently developing a Sermon Sketch Series seminar. Once completed, I hope to unveil it everyone. Finally, I can’t say enough good things about POA. If you have never been here to this church before, then I urge you and your family to come attend one of our POA worship services. Come experience God and our savor Jesus Christ. Will save a seat for you. God bless you and your family.

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