Activity Review – Urban Sketchers Orlando on Location at Greenada Courtyard in Winter Park

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multi-Media Journalist

Winter Park, Florida — On Monday, June 21, 2021, there was a planned meet up on location at Greenada Courtyard with the Urban Sketchers Orlando chapter. This was a free event and there were about nine artists made up of men and women along with one boy. These artists have different skill levels and art backgrounds. The weather turned out great.

Everyone loved the food and drinks from Barnie’s Coffe & Tea Company. Even the waitress wanted to join in but had to work. She was invited to join us next time we have an on-location sketching. It is a lot of fun!

The scenery at the Greenada Courtyard on Park Avenue was quite beautiful. There were many visual inspire things to draw such as the cement dolphin fountain, stairways, potted brick wall, rough textured walls, lamp post, plants, landscape, table and chairs, mailboxes, doors, archway, and much more. Once could not have asked for a better place.

Here’s my experience of this day’s sketching. This time, I came prepared with colored pencils to finish off a sketch. The first scene I sketched out was the east side steps, foliage, potted plants, a single door, recessed wall, and a vent. This scene was loosely sketched out with pencil first then added some color. Next, some areas were outlined with a black pen to define certain areas. The key to his sketch was to keep it simple. Overloading with more objects and texture would loose it charm.

The next scene I tackled was the cement dolphin fountain with the archway in the background. This created a unique view, which most people walking down the side see when heading into the courtyard. To start this scene, one has to find the middle then build out the sketch from there. It was hard to get the proportion and angle of the bottom of the fountain. It had to be re-worked several times to get it correctly. The fun part was creating the dolphin statue on top of the fountain. This sketch was not finished with color on the day I was there. Later this sketch was scanned in on the computer and colored in Photoshop.

Many of my fellow artists sketched out many different scenes from the fountain scene, part of the courtyard with steps scene, tight scene with step with potted plant and mailbox. All of the finished sketches from this day can be seen on Instagram Urbansketchersorlando.

At the end of the day’s sketching, there is a group critique, which everyone is welcome to stay. Plus, the day’s group photo will be taken too. I did not have a chance to stay this time. Next, time I was told to stay til the end.

If you did not get a chance to come out to this event please check back with us on the Urban Sketchers Orlando website for future on-location sketching. This is a free event open to all artists with various drawing skill sets. Each artist’ must supply their own art supplies. We are a good group friends who enjoy each other’s company while sketching on-location. It is a great way to make new friends and network too.

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