DIY – How to make your own PCV Pipe 4-Fishing Rod Holder-Stand

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multi-Media Journalist

Are you a fisherman and or Fisherwoman than you’ll want to make your own PVC Fishing Rod Holder-Stand? This design holds 1-4 freshwater fishing poles at your home or on the go. There are other designs that can hold more, but for the average Joe one doesn’t need a ton of fishing rod holder-stands. Expected time to complete this project is between 3-5 hours. This makes a great project to do with your family and or friends.

Let’s get started. Here are the tools you’ll need. Some tools may be lying around your home. You’ll need a tape measure; band saw with miter box, Sharpie pen, drop cloth, shop vacuum, and a level. (Optional) One can also use a miter saw as well.

Visit your local home improvement store and pick up these items for this project. You’ll need to purchase Clear PVC perimeter, clear PVC cement, (3) 1-1/4 X 2 foot PVC SCH 40 Pipe, (4) 1-1/4 PVC Elbow A/90D, (4) 1-1/4 PVC Tees, and spray paint (any color).

Once you have all the material then lay it out to see what you have. If you make a mistake you may need extra items. Here is what needs to be cut down use 1-1/4 X 2 foot PVC SCH 40 to cut to these specs:

• Horizontal left/right sides 40m PVC pipe cut (2) into 9 inch pieces

• Vertical rod holders 40 PVC pipe cut (4) into 8.5

• Horizontal top/bottom sides 40 PVC pipe cut (2) 4-1/8 inches

• Connectors 40 PVC pipe cut (4) to 2 inches

Next, once all the parts have been cut, please lay them out and put it together unglued. One will find small white particles from cutting PVC pipe. Do not prime and glue until all the parts fit. You may have to make some modifications if needed before gluing all parts. Once everything fits then start the priming and cementing in place.

Here’s the next set is priming and cementing. All parts should be laid out. One will prime one pipe at a time. One should prime on the brush should go around 15 times to make sure surface. Then apply the cement right on top of the primer. If you need more information on priming then check out YouTube videos.

Finally, take your time when building this project. Build at your own risk. Not responsible for your completed project outcome. Good luck.

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Source of information: First hand experience

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