Security Matters – Ladies who leave their purses unattended

By Nathan Werthiemer
Security Expert

Welcome to this new article series called Security Matters. I am writing this article because I have seen many times ladies leaving their purses unattended everywhere. Don’t be a victim to thieves. In this article, I will inform you how to be safe. If you fall victim then please take these steps.

While in any retail store you should always have you purse very close to you. There could be thieves looking around for a victim. Don’t leave your purse sitting down unattended while you look in another direction then a thief grabs and runs away. They’re no chance of stopping them because it is too late and your purse is gone.

Another place where thieves will be are at your local grocery store. I have seen many ladies leave their purse lying in a shopping cart turn to get an item. This would give a thief a chance to grab and run away.

This is a big no-no. Do not leave your purse unattended on the front seat in your vehicle in plain sight. This is a chance for a smash and grab incidents occur at anytime of the day or night. Why be a target!

In a situation when your purse has been taken or stolen, please contact law enforcement and security immediately. This will start an investigation. Some of the questions that law enforcement will ask:

  1. What date and time did this incident occur? This is very important.
  2. What contents were inside of the purse? Credit cards, driver’s license, cell phone, cash, make-up, feminine products, medicine, weapons, etc.
  3. What is the value of the purse plus the content inside?
  4. Description of your purse. Color/Make/Model
  5. What location were you at when your purse was taken?
  6. Does the store or place of business have security cameras that recorded footage of the crime?
  7. Did you get a chance to see the suspect(s) who stole your purse?
  8. What did the suspect(s) look like?
  9. Were the suspect(s) armed and or have any weapons?
  10.  Did the suspect(s) leave anything behind? This will help in the investigation.
  11. Have you seen these suspect(s) before anywhere?
  12. Were there any suspicious people around you at the time of the thief?

Make sure you get a police report with the case number. You may be asked to press changes on the suspect(s) if they are identified, seen at the scene of the crime, and can be linked to taking your purse.

Once your purse is stolen, the thief will leave the area very quickly to be spotted and go somewhere else. Then the thief will take what ever is valuable and discard the rest of the contents into the trash. This is mostly like what will happens. You are most likely not see your personal contents again.

Don’t become a victim of a crime of opportunity. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you see anything suspicious then report it to security and or law enforcement for an investigation. Stay safe in our community.

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Source of information: First hand experience

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