Security Matters – Kids playing with Garage Doors and Automatic Gates

By Nathan Wertheimer
Security Expert

Central Florida – A month ago, there was a tragedy involving a small child playing around with a roll up garage gate on an apartment building. Could this have been prevented? Probably, there is still an on-going investigation into the death of this child. There are many people to blame on this incident. I am truly sorry for this boy’s death from the accident. The incident findings have not been release by the police department.

At one time, I have observed a small child hang onto a condo exit gate while it was moving. They thought it was fun, but they did not realize how much damage they can cause to themselves or to the device. Luckily property management was watching and recording the person in action on the gate. Their parents were issued a letter to stop and if it continued then they would be asked to leave and find another place to live. Since then I have not seen a child hang on an automatic exit gate. There are signs posted on the gate not to ride on it. I believe it was posted for legal reasons.

While growing up, my brother would try to ride on the garage door going up. It probably was not the best idea for fun. Once he hit the top of the garage door and it stopped, he would jump off. He got lecture from my mom and the garage door tech back then. The added weight on the garage door mechanisms can cause the device to fail at any point or to could collapse. Anything can happen.

Finally, please check with the product manufacturer to see if you can add safe guard to prevent accidents. The main point for all parents is to remind your son(s) or daughter(s) about playing around with garage doors and gates. These are not amusement rides. There is a risk when anyone plays with these security devices that they could get injured or die. This is a teachable lesson for all kids. Safety first!

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