Off Topic – Insight into Children and Adult Sexual Grooming

By Robert Voss
Multi-Media Journalist

This article is written for adults only. Anyone 18+ years old or older may read this article. These are sexual content that some readers may not want to read and find disturbing.

First off, I wanted to be up front that I condone this type of behavior no matter your age, sex, or background. Our society should not tolerant sexual grooming at all. This article is written from first hand experience. There are two stories that I will share with you. There are many other stories out there, which are untold.

What is sexual grooming? This is a learned behavior from a powerful individual from a man or woman. Overtime a person with power will take someone underneath them and mold them into receiving sexual favors. This is not a loving relationship or romantic companionship, but rather business transaction/misconduct in the workplace.

When I was a kid, my childhood friend was an Alter Boy for a local church. There is not much insight into what happens behind closed doors with an Alter Boy and the Priest. Everyone involved will deny anything ever took place. I even asked my friend what goes on behind closed doors. This is something he never opened up too me. It is believe that the Priest had a sexual relationship with him as child at the time, which turned him gay. This story is hard to prove until everyone comes forward and tells the truth. This is one reason why I am against children being alone with clergy at anytime. Today, my friend is gay and married with his husband. On the flip side, his brother was brought up the same way. What can you draw from this story? They have a similar connection…

Another story is that of an adult female I know who formerly worked in the United States Capital at one time. She has since left that job and is now working in another field. From what she told me, many people were sleeping around with each other at the US Capital. One story she mentioned was about a US Representative and their staff who are married are having adultery and secret affair relationships. People knew what they were doing is wrong. It was nothing new and has gone on for many years. It is believed many people want to advance their career within public service sector. So they have sexual relationships with each other. These are not true romantic relationships. In my opinion, it shows me how they have little respect to their fellow co-workers. There are ethics and moral they should be adhering too. People back home look to them to set the standards and not think of themselves first.

I urge all constituents contact their US Representative and their staff to voice their issue on misconduct in the government workplace. They are not above the law and must adhere to the same laws that everyone else must follow.

Today, this female in the above story continues the same behavior as when she worked in the US Capital. If you asked her about this type of behavior, she will deny anything about it. She is having sexual relationship with her current boss and owner of the company which she trying to get ahead in life. What she doesn’t know that when her boss gets tired of her, she will be fired and the sexual relationship will end. It is just a matter of time when this happens. Plus, his wife can sue her (mistress) for interfering into her husband marriage. She has not thought things through very well. She can do better for her self.

Finally, sexual grooming affects everyone even if you are not directly involved in it. Any person who has been sexual groomed should seek professional counseling. No one needs a life of selling them selves short. Bad things will have to people who engage in sexual grooming. All of us need to go back to basic when having professional relationship with one another. Think before you get involved into this type of situation. Stop this culture of sexual grooming. Enough is enough!

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