Product Review – 2-Pre-Baited Roach Prison Units by PIC Corporation

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multi-Media Journalist

Are you having roach problems at your home or office? No problem. Read this product review on the PIC Corporation 2-Pre-baited Roach Prison Units. This product shall do the trick for you and your family. I have tried other products in the past and they have failed. It is worth it to look into this product.

Recently, I purchased this product at my local Dollar Tree Store for just one dollar. You’ll need more than on box to put around the house. You can’t beat the price on this product. Look for the Blue, red, and yellow color box with several graphic roaches on it. This product is made in Poland and shipped into the United States for sell to consumers. At the Dollar Tree you’ll find this product near the cleaning supplies and other pest control products too. Thee product UPC code is 0-72477-98012-3. Product stock #RP.

Who is the PIC Corporation? This company has been in business since 1953 and headquarters in Linden, New Jersey. There primary focus is on consumer pest control products for the home. PIC employees are dedicated in changing and educating the world with their pest control products.

What other products does PIC Corporation make? It was a surprise to find out that they make Raid pest control products could be found at national retail stores. There other brand line up is HomePlus, Bugables, DOA, Nitolic, and PIC.

When I tested this product out, I placed one of the pre-baited roach prison on the kitchen floor by the dishwasher and another by the oven. As stated on the box, leave in one location in several days then move if you don’t have any luck. This product has to be in the right spot to entice the roaches into the “Roach Prison.” Law enforcement does not have to be called because the roaches can find their own way to the prison. Wow! It does work. Not only will it collect roach, but other inserts and bugs too. One can discard the product when you think you have caught even bugs and insects and replace it with another prison.

Once home, just pull this product out of the product box and they are ready to use immediately. This product is made out of a white cardboard box. No need to put them together. Inside the white cardboard box is pre-baited solution to trap roaches, water bugs, and other crawling insects. On the out side of the product box claim this product is clean, effective, and ready to use.

For safety information please refer to the Safety Data sheet which can be found online at . Please keep this product out of reach of children and domestic animals.

Finally, this is a consumer grade product. If you need something stronger then contact your local pest control company for assistance. Good luck with buying this product. For more information on this product please visit

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