08.01.21 POA Church presents Brother Bruce Howell to give a Guest Sermon at Worship Service

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Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

Apopka, Florida – Everyone is welcome to visit and join the rest of the Pentecostals of Apopka Church in welcoming back Brother Bruce Howell, from the UPCI Director of Global Missions on Sunday, August 1, 2021, at 10:30am at the main sanctuary. Howell will speak for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This is not the first time; Brother Howell has visited our church in Apopka. He will not disappoint you. It is worth to see him live and in-person. Bring your family and friends and experience what is happening around the world with other Pentecostals Christians.

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to Pentecostal of Apopka (POA) Church. Check your GPS for the best route there. There is plenty of free parking on property. The church is located at 1427 South Lake Pleasant Road, Apopka, Florida 32703. You’ll see this church right off of US Route 441 (South Orange Blossom Trail).

Who is Brother Howell? On the UPCI website describes Howell. He was born in Herrin, IL, where he was baptized by Reverend Lee Roy Sherry at the First Apostolic Church and received the Holy Ghost in 1967. In 1971, he began his Bible College education at Gateway College of Evangelism.  While attending Gateway College of Evangelism, he met Diane James, also a student there. They were married in 1973 and continued their education in St. Louis. He graduated from Gateway College of Evangelism in 1974 with his degree in Theology. They then moved to Jackson, MS, where they worked with Pastor Thomas L. Craft at First Pentecostal Church. While in Jackson, Brother Howell pastored the First Pentecostal Church Annex, served as the Dean of Christian Education at Jackson College of Ministries from 1976-79, and was the Foreign Missions Representative for Central Mississippi from 1978-79.

In 1977 the Howells made their first mission trip to the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica.  Shortly thereafter they received their call to the mission field and began to pursue a missionary appointment. In 1979, the Howells was appointed as missionaries to the country of El Salvador. This was the beginning of a 22-year journey that would also take them to work in the country of Honduras.  Brother Howell and his wife have been blessed with a wonderful family: their son Jared, his wife Loida, their two daughters, Zoe and Isabella and their son Judah; their daughter Leah and her husband Andrew, one son, Zion, daughters Lucia, Mimi; and their daughter Amy and her husband Dennis Uecker. All of his children are serving full time in the ministry. 

During his missionary appointment, Brother Howell served in the following capacities:

• Secretary of the United Pentecostal Church International of El Salvador (1981–82)

• Superintendent of United Pentecostal Church International of El Salvador (1982–2001)

• Missionary Supervisor of El Salvador (1999–2001)

• Superintendent of United Pentecostal Church International of Honduras (1993–2002)

• Regional Director of Central America/Caribbean (2000–01)

If you would like to follow Brother Howell please visit him on social media on Twitter: @brucehowell, and on Linkin: www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-howell-62902296

Back on March 28, 2021, by Brother Howell gave a sermon at a POA Church Worship Service. He went over what was going on around the world. It is noted that in some countries that ban Christianity they were able to bring in missionaries and build new churches which helped the people of their country get baptized and give the gift of the Holy Ghost. What an experience he said. They are not done yet. He is on a mission and needs your help!

Finally, expect this worship service to have a lot of energy, spirituality, and much more. Expect this worship service to have a packed house. Arrive early to get a good seat in the main sanctuary. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this guest sermon speaker.

About Pentecostals of Apopka (POA) Church. This church is known as POA. Michael and Debra Williams have served as Bishop/Pastor of the Pentecostals of Apopka since February 1978.  Thankfully, the church family has experienced significant growth through their decades of service, as well as developing a new 16-acre campus, with 60,000 square feet of ministry facilities.  They consider it a significant blessing, to have had the privilege of raising their daughters, Brooke and Rory, both of whom are now married and in full time ministry, in the context of this multi-generational, POA family.  Assisted by many capable leaders, and staff, and surrounded by a missions minded community of faith, the POA family continues to find new and innovative ways to extend its reach beyond our local congregation, into our community, and around the world.

POA atmosphere is very welcoming to everyone. Outsiders are always welcome to be our guest at any worship service on Sundays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Will save a seat for you. If you can’t make it in-person then please visit us on www.thepentecostals.com/watch-live .

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Information from, UPCI, Facebook, and Globalmissions

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