03.10.21 POA Church presents Guest Pastor Dr. James Hughes Sermon Recap

Article graphics courtesy by POA Church

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multi-Media Journalist

Apopka, Florida on Sunday, March 10, 2021, Guest Pastor Dr. James Hughes presented a sermon at Pentecostals of Apopka Church. It was a full house in attendance. In case you missed this worship service there was a recap of this guest sermon. All who attended enjoyed this worship service.

Who is Pastor Dr. James Hughes? He is a practicing licensed psychologist and a minster with United Pentecostal Church International. Hughes goes around the country giving guest sermon at various Pentecostal churches in the United States. Some topics that he has given were “The Gift of the Holy Ghost”, “Family Effects”, “The Battle Between Two Worlds,” “The End of Time,” and much more. There are various YouTube videos featuring Hughes at www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Dr.+James+Hughes

Sorry, there are no social media accounts that were created by Dr. Hughes. However, you might find other churches promoting Dr. Hughes sermons online too.

Pastor Hughes thanked this congregation for inviting him to give his sermon. He directed the churchgoers to follow him in the Book of Luke in Chapter 7 during the service.

Here are some highlights from his sermon. Dr. Hughes says, “Pentecostal addicted to Church.” Followed up by “church to be our fixes?” “Living for God is not difficult.” “Pentecostal needs a good Devil, can’t plan for your problems.” “Did he win or not?”

The next subject he talked about was the battle of humanity. The battle you fight today with Satan. Jude is bond and chained. Then goes on to explain “you and the real Devil.” “This side of the cross is your spirit.” “Your spirit is at war with your flesh.”

He then talks about social media how it affects our lives. He said “Facebook made dingbat out of all of us.” Dr. Hughes goes on to explain, “take a photo and someone gets offended, negative report.” “Your friends get offended.” “No one cares where you eat, or what you had to eat.”

There are many people in the world that has made himself or herself a self centered and entitled person. Most people would agree with Dr. Hughes on this statement.

What is the Sycamore /Sycamine Tree? This is a tree that is in the Jordan River Valley, which is below sea level.  A draught can’t kill this tree. The water table never dries up there. This tree produces fruit.

Finally, Dr. Hughes closing remarks with “Lives can be whole and Jesus will you touch our hearts?” The church hopes Dr. Hughes will visit POA Church again in Apopka. A video of his sermon can be purchased at the POA Church gift shop. Just ask for the March 10, 2021, church worship video.

About Pentecostals of Apopka (POA) Church. This church is known as POA. Michael and Debra Williams have served as Bishop/Pastor of the Pentecostals of Apopka since February, 1978.  Thankfully, the church family has experienced significant growth through their decades of service, as well as developing a new 16-acre campus, with 60,000 square feet of ministry facilities.  They consider it a significant blessing, to have had the privilege of raising their daughters, Brooke and Rory, both of whom are now married and in full time ministry, in the context of this multi-generational, POA family.  Assisted by many capable leaders, and staff, and surrounded by a missions minded community of faith, the POA family continues to find new and innovative ways to extend its reach beyond our local congregation, into our community, and around the world.

POA atmosphere is very welcoming to everyone. Outsiders are always welcome to be our guest at any worship service on Sundays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Will save a seat for you. If you can’t make it in-person then please visit us on www.thepentecostals.com/watch-live .

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