2021 Cuban Protests Information in Central Florida

By Robert Voss

Everyone should know what is going on in Cuban right now. Cuban-American residents in Central Florida have taken up protesting to see change in Cuba. Here is what we know so far. The Cuban Government has cut off the Internet, have a lack of food, medicine on the island nation. There have been protests that have been broken out on the island too.

Has the Cuban embargo worked? In my opinion they have not worked at all. They only thing it effected was the citizens of Cuba. Now is the time for change. The Cuban people need to rise up against communism and socialism does not work. Look at failed countries in the past. Americans can stand strong with Cubans too.

I urge the Cuban-Americans not to back down. However, please be peaceful when conducting protests. Let your voice be heard. Do not break the law or you’ll go to jail and will be able to participate in democracy in the works in Cuba. There is a chance that the Cuba Government could collapse because of the will of the people. Free and fair elections needs to take place in Cuba. Currently, this cannot happen.

So far the Biden Administration has sat on the sidelines. US Senator Marco Rubio is pushing forward in his Cuban agenda. Florida Governor Ron De Santis supports a free Cuba in whatever he can do for state Cuban supporters.

Here are some of the signs people shown at the protest which says “Free Cuba, Abajo El Comunismo,” “Castros Asesinos,” “SOS Cuba Libertad, and “Patria y Vida Cuba will be free in my lifetime! SOS Cuba.” Come up with your own protest signs and come out and protest with the Cubans. Everyone is welcome. This is a call to all Latinos and supporters too.

Cuban protests are being held at various locations around Metro Orlando. The main protest held at Sedano’s Supermarket at 5660 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, Florida 32822, Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando, and Orlando City Hall.

Even if you are not Cuban please help support the Cuba cause. Everyone would like Cuba to be like pre-Castro government where everything was running smoothly. Americans could vacation there without any problems. Stay tuned for more information that may come upon with the on-going Cuban protests.

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