Now Hiring Security Officers in Downtown Orlando in September 2021

By David Smith
Guest Writer

Downtown Orlando, FL – Currently, there is a large private security company, which is hiring for entry level and seasoned Security Officers to work in a few select Class A Buildings. The Security Account Managers are very selective on who they hire to become a Class A Building Security Officers. Pay rate will vary by contract and location. Do you have what it takes and be a team player too?

What does a Class A Building Security work and do? They work in Class A Building, which is a commercial office building with, multiplies tenants. These Security Officers wear a professional business suite with a tie. Their duties include giving great customer service, access control, patrols, incident response, and much more. They work in a team environment. Officers will work on Windows based computers along with 2-ways radios and security cell phones on their shifts. Continues training is mandatory with this company. Looks great on your resume! Security Officers work in a friendly and air-conditioned control environment. Plus, there is room for advancement within the security field too.

Open Post Shifts in Class A Buildings
• Weekend/Weekdays (3rd Shift) – Saturday 7pm – 7am, Sunday 7pm -7am, Monday 11pm – 7am (32 hours per week)

• Weekend (2nd Shift) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 3pm -11pm (24 hours per week)

• Weekend (1st Shift) – Saturday and Sunday 7am -7pm (24 hours per week)

• Weekdays (1st Shift) – Friday 7am-3pm (8 hours per week)

• Flex Officer with varied shifts – open shifts

If you do not have your State of Florida Security License, then do not worry.  This large private security company will sponsor you to go to the Security Academy 40 hours training for a state license. Security Officers are NOT law enforcement officers. Security officers only observe, deter, and report.

If interested in these open shifts then please contact and we will give you the direct Security Account Manager contact information. These shifts may be taken. First come, first serve. Don’t wait and apply today. Please put in the email subject line: Private Security Officer Jobs Available. We hope to see you on our security team.

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