Activity Review – The Center Arena Church presented Healing Revival in Orlando

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist

West Orlando, FL – On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, The Center Arena Church presented Healing Revival in Orlando with special guest Apostle Gerson Tirado. The energy level inside the church sanctuary was very high. Everyone is welcomed to attend this church. Come as you are to this non-denomination church.

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to the The Center Arena Church. Check your GPS for the best route there. There is plenty of free parking on property. Their address is 10 South Hiawassee Road, Orlando, Florida 32835.

Who is guest speaker Apostle Tirado? He is an International Preacher, Pastor, Chaplain, and Author & Motivator. Plus, he has a PhD. In Theological & Human Studies from Orthodox University of The Americas. Apostle Tirado was Ordained as an Apostle by Bishop Billie K Bamberg and he is a member of The “Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International” covered by Apostle Ron Carpenter. Dr. Tirado is married to Jacqueline and has one child and lives in Florida. You can view some videos of Dr. Tirado at . Information from FaceBook and YouTube.

I arrived early to the church and met with Doug, part of the staff. Everyone was very welcoming. Before the service started, everyone who attended was ushered to his or her seats. The sanctuary is not huge so it is very intimate. The service started with an introduction blessing followed by singing some Christian songs.

Here are the songs that they sang. They are “You are live in us,” “I am friend of God,” “I am living by faith,” “Christ alone cornerstone,” “The lion and the lamb,” “Jireh you are enough,” “Lift our hands and heart.” All songs were projected on the wall for all to sing along. These songs had background music with a person on a piano keyboard. The praise team led the entire congregation with each song.

Pastor Rich Vira welcomed at everyone at this service. He was excited to present Apostle Tirado to the church. Pastor Vira encouraged everyone to pray for spirit of the Holy Ghost. Plus, he said something about being generous to give and receive. Another of the key point was the “7 times more.” Another point was flushing your life down the toilet.

Then Pastor Vera sighed a Bible verse from Proverbs 11:25 (NLT). He explained what this verse meant. The focus was on the liberal soul and not the political aspect of the word liberal. The highlight of his sermon was to be fat in your life. He was not talking about the physical human fat. However, he talked about the financial wealth fat in one’s life. Pastor Vera not to through in the towel!

Next, Apostle Tirado talked about his sermon. The title of sermon was electric shock.

During the sermon here went over these Bible references from John 11:4 – 8, Romans 8:15, John 14:12. He wanted truly attendees to experience the Holy Ghost. . Another subject he brought up was the COVID-19 pandemic. This has affected the entire world. Many people’s spirit is broken. He said, “God will come through” and “God does miracles.” Another point he talked about is blaming other people for your mistakes. Own up to your mistakes. During the sermon he picked out a few random people to give them an electric spiritual shock. Some of these people fell to the floor.

I asked one gentleman what he thought of the electric spiritual shock experience. He said it was amazing. Apostle Tirado touched him and he fell backwards into the arms other another churchgoer. He mentioned this was real and not fake. This person was his first time visiting this church. He said he would defiantly be back.

Toward the end of the service, the healing experience was open to anyone. At first, I thought I was just going to sit and watch. However, I was encouraged by co-worker to get up to the church alter to experience the healing for myself. What an experience it was.

There was a line that was formed in front of this alter. Apostle Tirado prayed with me by touching my hands together. He mentioned about the power of the Tallit/Prayer Shawl and the wings of it. Plus, he said some about wisdom in my life. I am glad I had a change to experience this.  It surely moved me. Wow!

Overall, I had a great time at this healing revival and learned about the spiritual healing. Those this is a non-denomination church with some aspect of the service having a Pentecostal feel.

About The Center Arena Church
The Center Arena is a Revival & Miracle House in Orlando with an international impact where believers come together weekly to experience the manifest presence, power and moving of the Holy Spirit. All churchgoers  are spiritually guided by Pastor Rich Vera.

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