Activity Review – Urban Sketchers Orlando on location at Maker Faire Orlando

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist

Orlando, FL – Here is what you missed at the 2021 Maker Faire Orlando at Central Florida Fairgrounds on November 13 & 14, 2021. Many people came out to venue and stopped by the Urban Sketcher Orlando booth. Some attendees were curious about the Urban Sketchers Orlando. What we artists who sketch on location and capture a story. No, we don’t we photographs and take it back to the art studio to work on it. Everything is done on location.  There is all different skills level that participates in our Urban Sketchers Orlando outings. This is a free activity that everyone is welcome to join. Just bring your own art supplies and a folding chair and come to one of our outings.

While at this event, I was able to sketch out two works of art on separate days. The first piece I created on Saturday was two uniquely created vehicles. Both had Toyota Prius auto parts, which one would not notice. The crowd loved both vehicles. These two vehicles were only on display for one day. I wish they had returned on Sunday. Maybe they’ll return next year.

First, I had to find the right angle to sketch out these two vehicles. I set on a three-quarter angle. I sat down in my comfortable folding chair and creating. To sketch out these vehicles I used pencil to start. When creating these vehicles, I was creating shapes to form the vehicles. Each vehicle was done one at a time. My focus was on “The Air Prius” vehicle start. To break it down further I started with the car body then added the front of the C-47 cut off airplane. Next, was adding the details such as the rivets, tires, LED front light, roof antenna, and windows.

Once the car-plane was finished, I moved to the 1953 International pick up truck. This vehicle was entitled “Rat Rod Prius.” Basically it had a rusted exterior body. This vehicle was layout out behind the car-plane. I only had to sketch half of the vehicle. Then the next step was filling in my pencil lines with black ink pen. Some lines to added thickness and dots for the rivets. For the glass windows I added a few lines to indicate windows. To finish it off I used color pencils and added green grass.

Once I finished this piece, the owner of both vehicles asked if I would sell him this artwork. I told I him I would think about it. This was the first time that I had been offer by someone I did know want to purchase my artwork on the spot. It was a real honor. I was not the only artist at the venue who was asked to create some artwork. Each artist has a different style of art.

Artwork by Artist Nathan Wertheimer / Urban Sketchers Orlando

On Sunday, I was excited to see the Battlebots in action in the arena. Most people were focus on watching this competition. Off on the side of the Battlebots arena there were some static displays of some heavy weight Battlebots. The one bot that caught my attention was called the “Sportkinok”. This bot had a trans pride flag color scheme. To sketch this bot, I positioned in a three-quarter side at eye level. This perspective gave me a floor view from the ground up. Not many people see a Battlebot at the ground level.  The sketch was first created with black pen on white heavy water color paper only. No pencil pre-sketch. What a challenge it was. A few attendees came over to see what I was sketching. I did not mind chatting with them.

After creating the “Sportkinok” bot then I added a competitor next to this bot was called the “Rotator.” I wanted see them to battle together. However, in real life it is believed both of these bots never had a match together. This was confirmed by the “Rotator” Team.

When both of the Battlebots were completed, then I added the foreground and background to put them in their own environment. To capture the real environment, I was able to sit and sketch with the Battlebot Teams. I had a great perspective watching the Battlebot matches. One could see pieces and parts coming off of some Battlebots. Some of these elements were added into the scene.

Next, I was able to permission to get visit the inside Plexiglas Battlebot arena to get a better perspective on how this space was constructed. They had wooden floors with some side panellings. There were marks on both the floor and the Plexiglas so I added this details too. I did not add any people to the background so the focus would be on the two BattleBots.

To finish off this sketch, I added color. The color scheme was black, yellow-gold, pink, and light blue, white, and gray. The medium used was watercolor. Once completed in was hung in the Urban Sketchers Orlando Booth for all to see. Plus, this was posted on social media as well on too. While creating this piece I make some line errors but it was fine and gave it movement. Most people will not notice it. In the future, I would love to capture more Battlebots sketches in action. Look for me out on location somewhere in Central Florida or around the world.

Artwork by Artist Nathan Wertheimer / Urban Sketchers Orlando

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