The Countdown of the 100th Published Edition Sermon Sketch Series by Artist Nathan Wertheimer

Press Release By Robert Voss

Apopka, Florida – Artist Nathan Wertheimer has just announced… the COUNTDOWN continues to the 100th published edition of the Sermon Sketch Series. Many viewers have been waiting for this moment to happen for a while. This one can’t be rushed. The wait is almost over. Even Wertheimer is very excited to produce the 100th Sermon Sketch. No one knows what this sketch will entail except for God and Wertheimer.

Here’s a quick recap of the Sermon Sketch Series so far. This project started back in February of 2021 and still continues today. The average year will have a total of 52 sermon sketches. It will be comprised of one per week. However, this past year Wertheimer doubled it. . Wertheimer takes notes and re-creates each sermon into a visual format. Plus, these sketches are considered religious art studies. Some of these sketches may turn into fine art pieces in the near future. His religious artwork continues to evolve.

In the near future, the Pentecostals of Apopka (POA) Church Sunday worship service, will mention about the on-going Sermon Sketch Series by resident Apostolic Artist Wertheimer when it hits the 100th published edition. The tentative date for the 100th publish edition is to be after February 2, 2022. After this service, he will head back to his home office/studio to create this huge sermon sketch milestone. Another press release will follow after this published edition.

To see Wertheimer’s Sermon Sketch Series by visiting and click on the Religion section on the top menu bar. There you’ll see a slideshow of his past published sermon sketches. He is known as a Visual Evangelist. Most people will agree.

Wertheimer would like to extend a special thank you to the POA Church. Without their support for this project it would not have been possible. They have provided the sermon content from each worship service. The viewers and supporters have not seen the last of the Sermon Sketch Series. There is still more to come…

If any of the media outlets has any questions or would like to setup an interview with Artist Nathan Wertheimer then please contact him directly at . Plus, Pastor Caleb Hill, POA Church, is also able for questions and interviews directly at 407-889-3802. Note that some Sermon Sketch Series articles have already been published and you might find your question there. God bless you and your family.

POA Church is affiliated with the UPCI organization.

Above is the Sermon Sketch Series Published Edition #94

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