The Sermon Sketch Series by Artist Nathan Wertheimer has reached 100th Published Edition milestone

Press Release by Robert Voss

Apopka, FL – Wow! On Sunday, February 6, 2022, Artist Nathan Wertheimer has done it again. He has hit another milestone which he produced his 100th published edition religious sketches. He is considered as an Apostolic Artist. This has been a big accomplishment for Wertheimer and for the entire Pentecostals of Apopka Church (POA). The church never expected him to follow through on his promise to create such a large project. It is a dream come true for him. He continues to set a course towards reaching his goal and beyond.

You might be wondering how did the Sermon Sketch Series started. Wertheimer’s idea started at a Reform Jewish Temple in North Orlando when he was a kid. At the time, he did know how to move this idea forward. This is not new concept in the religious art world. There have been few artists who have done something similar but have kept their artwork private out of public view.

Then in college he revisited his religious idea in art school at Flagler College. Home of the Saints! No one knew if this could project could be done. Still he shelved his idea until the time was right. In college, it was taught by professors to stay away from creating religious artwork for class assignments.

The Sermon Sketch Series journey started in the summer of 2020. He was invited by a co-worker to attend a POA worship service on a Sunday. After a few worship services then he re-visited his idea again. This time, he took the idea and ran with it. God has given Wertheimer a calling and he has accepted it. He is on a mission to spread the gospel to all. The goal is change someone’s life for the good. God continues to guide him to where he needs to be creating religious artwork. Today, in our society there is very few combination of Judeo-Christian artwork being displayed and produced. This is where Wertheimer fills the void.

He grew up in a Jewish family, he wanted to bridge the gap between Jewish and Christianity art. The time has come for more religious artwork to be produced for all religious denominations. People need religion and art in their life with the times that we live in.

What is interesting about these religious sketches content that it comes from real sermons from the POA Chruch. Here’s how Wertheimer’s processes the sermon content. First, he starts by attending church on Sundays and views the Wednesdays taped worship services. Next, he takes notes during each religious service. Then at home the studio/office, this is where he is able to review and create the visual aspect of each sermon. Sometimes he has to research the sermon content. The entire process can take a few hours this depends on the subject material. The beginning of the series were started in black and white then progressed into color sketches as seen today.

Wertheimer explained that there are some key elements to point out in each sketch. Some sketches have a Devil/Satan character in the background looking at the viewer. This is a reminder that the Devil/Satan is always watching us. Another element is the Holy Ghost bird/white dove. This bird is seen in various positions in the composition. The most common position is in the middle of the artwork. This element was taken from old religious Protestant paintings and adapted into Wertheimer’s work. One will notice some hidden Crosses and Star of David in some pieces too. There are various setting places while others look like a collage of art elements.

Wertheimer explained that many POA churchgoers have supported his Sermon Sketch Series. Some of the churchgoers have been blessed to receive one of the original framed sermon sketches. When they receive these sketches they are proud, inspired, and touched. Some people are hanging the framed sketch on the wall at their home or office. They can’t express how much this piece of religious art means to them. His artwork can’t be purchased in any retail stores at this time.

Possibly in the future, the Sermon Sketch Series will be syndicated and published around the world. Wertheimer is in the process marketing his sketches towards certain target audiences. Everyone will have to wait and see where his work pops up. Stay tuned!

Would you like to learn how to produce your own Sermon Sketch Series for your home religious institution? Wertheimer is working on seminar material so other artists can produce their own Sermon Sketch Series. He wants others to understand the process of creating religious artwork for their place of worship. Once they understand the concept they are able to spread the word too.

On the horizon, Wertheimer plans on working on a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling with a concentration on art therapy. Religion and art can go together. Being that he is a Judeo-Christian. At some point he wants to use this degree to become a Chaplain. His goal is to help people in need and there is calling for it.

Finally, it has been an exciting journey for Wertheimer. He plans to re-evaluate the Sermon Sketch Series to see where it goes. The key is too never give up on any idea. Don’t let anyone stop you from creating an idea that will benefit mankind. Please visit Religion page to view the published Sermon Sketch Series. A special thanks goes out to Pentecostals of Apopka Church for their support. Without their sermon content it would not possible for Wertheimer to produce his religious series. If you would like to visit POA Church please visit . God bless you and your family.

About the Artist Nathan Wertheimer
Wertheimer grew up loving to draw, paint, and capturing photos. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Fine Arts and Illustration from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Plus, an Associates of Arts Degree from Seminole State College. Also, is an accomplished Multimedia Journalist with When he is not creating content for his website he works a full-time job in the Security field. Many people ask him how does he find the time to create so much content? Wertheimer’s answer, “I love what I do and it shows.”

Artwork by Nathan Wertheimer

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