Artist Nathan Wertheimer has a New Home Church for the Sermon Sketch Series

Press Release by Robert Voss

You may not know by now that Apostolic Artist Nathan Wertheimer’s season at Pentecostal of Apopka (POA) has come to an end. However, he might be back for a visit in the future. God has guided him to a new home church at Northland Church in Longwood, Florida. Where he looks to continue create and publish the Sermon Sketch Series. Wertheimer is off to a good start. Stay tuned!

He said it was a hard decision to make to find and attend a new church. There were many positive memories at POA. He plans to continue to keep in contact with his some of the former congregation members. A few of the churchgoers has asked him to reconsider staying at POA. In Wertheimer’s heart, he said it was time for a change for many reasons.

When Wertheimer arrived at Northland Church he was welcomed with open arms. He had a meeting with Senior Pastor Gus Davies. He said, “I can’t believe you wanted me here at this church.” “It is a great feeling to have.” Pastor Davies was excited to bring on board Wertheimer for this gifts and talents. Davies will be guiding him to where he needs to be and beyond. Northland is known for religious visual arts.

Wertheimer’s Sermon Sketch Series will continue to stay the same. This time he will have more resources to use to conceptualize each sermon. You’ll have to wait and see how it will turn out.

Finally, check out the new Sermon Sketch Series content produced on behalf of Northland Church. This series is starting to take shape. God’s present is felt and represented in each of Wertheimer’s Sermon Sketches. If you see Wertheimer around inquire about his Sermon Sketches and he would be happy to chat with you.

To view his work, please visit . Plus, you can see his work on social media too.

Above is the 1st Sermon Sketch Series edition from Northland Church by Nathan Wertheimer

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