04-09-2022 Urban Sketchers Orlando presents Arts in April – Sketch with us in Winter Garden Preview

Article graphics courtesy by Urban Sketchers Orlando

Information compiled and written by Robert Voss

Join us in an Immersive Art Experience on Saturday, April 9, 2022, from 9am – 1pm, in Downtown Winter Garden. Artists of all levels are welcome to participate in this Free event. . Art supporters are welcome to watch. Rain or shine this event goes on

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to Downtown Winter Garden. Check your GPS for the best rout there. PARKING – A public parking garage is right across the street or park along the back streets. Come early to make it easy to find a spot. Additional parking in around the downtown area.

Arts in April – Sketch with us! Storytelling through on-location drawing

Sketch With US! Celebrate the Art through On-Location Drawing in Beautiful Downtown Winter Garden

About this Event As in last year, the Orlando Urban Sketchers group will be joining the Winter Garden Art Association’s ARTs-in-APRIL annual Celebration!

We’re calling on urban sketchers and artists from Orlando and around to join us on a SketchCrawl along the historic Downtown Winter Garden streets to capture the Spring vibes and the stories we observe in sketch reportage and inspire the Central Florida community through the Arts!

ART CONTEST – As a part of “ARTs in APRIL” SOBO Art Gallery in Downtown Winter Garden is holding a special Urban Sketchers and Plein Air Competition on Saturday April 9th from 9am-2pm during the popular Farmer’s Market. Plein Air Artists are also invited to participate.

Urban Sketchers Awards
• $200 (2 x $100) Cash Prizes Awarded to Selected Winners
• 3 Awards of Merit (non-cash)
• Plein Air Awards
• $75 Award for Plein Air (paintings)

CHECK-IN: Starts at 9 am at the SOBO art gallery Studio.

STAMP: Bring blank paper, sketchbook or canvas to be stamped at check-in that morning at SOBO Art Gallery located at 127 S Boyd St. Winter Garden.

LOCATION: You can create anywhere around Farmer’s Market or Plant St. As a part of ARTs in APRIL, we just want the public to see as many artists as possible.

TURN IN FINISHED WORKS: By 6pm on the 9th, all artists must go to wgart.org/urban and upload up to 3 pics of their work (one should include the SOBO stamp). This submission webpage will go live the day of the event.

WINNERS: Announced April 12th by email and posted online.

WHAT TO BRING: Drawing and painting supply, sketchbooks or loose paper, an easel is an option, and a potable chair/stool and drinking water. Dress for the weather. The event promoter will not be supplying any art supplies.

MEET US – Upon arrival at the SOBO art gallery look for the Urban Sketchers table where we will stamp your sketchbook or loose paper before your begin sketching. Stamping your blank paper or canvas in advance will qualify you as a participant in the Art Contest.

SKETCHBOOK THROWDOWN – at 1:00 pm we will start moving back to the SOBO Gallery for the Urban Sketchers Traditional Sketchbooks Throwdown and our group photo. Please join us back at SOBO’s front deck at 1:30 pm as we wrap up the event.

People of all ages, and all drawing levels and skills are welcome. During a Sketchcrawl we stop as we walk to capture a scene in a drawing. These on-location from observation sketches tell the story of place, time, and community.

Bring on the good vibes, the art spirit, and your love for Urban Sketchers’ Storytelling through on-location drawing!

[Banners Artists credit: Orlando Urban Sketchers and WGAA artist]

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