06-17-22 A Jesus Moment Felt in a Downtown Orlando Parking Garage

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimdia Journalist

On Friday, June 17, 2022, afternoon, in a Downtown Orlando Parking Garage, there was a mature woman who left her keys inside of her blue sedan on the driver’s seat. She was in a rush to get out of the garage. This was not a good time for her. It seemed like the devil was given her a hard time the whole day

Then a co-worked called me over to make contact with this woman. The devil was giving her grief and would not stop. This stranded woman told me what she was going through. I listened very carefully. Next, I told her we have some options such as calling AAA, a locksmith, roadside service, etc. She kept on saying nothing is going right, right now. Then I said, let’s stop this and turn your day around at this moment.

Next, I told her I would use my AAA service membership to help you out. So I got on the phone to chat with an AAA agent about getting a service call over to their stranded lady. I remained calm through this process. She was busy on her cell phone trying to make an arrangement to a rent a moving truck to transport her personal possessions out of state. She planned to make the big move tomorrow with her daughter.

While standing around waiting for AAA to arrive, I explained to her that I did not want to see her in this frame of mind. Everything will be ok. She knew at that moment that she would be in good hands. She made a comment and said, I was meant to make contact with you today. I agreed with her.

Next, I explained that the devil was after you and that we had to stop him in his tracks. I reveled to her that I am looking to become a Chaplain one day and that I am a Messianic Jew. My goal is to become a Chaplain with a focus on art therapy and work in our community. Plus, I explained that I have created a Sermon Sketch Series.

She had never heard of anyone that could do religious artwork like that before. The idea of a sermon sketch started in the temple. No one could answer how this could be done. Later, I was able find a way…

Another story I told her was, as a child I toured a church in school and that I was brought back to this church as an adult. It has become full circle to me. This was faith.

Then I said, this is our Jesus moment together. She and I had tears of joy. She even received the Holy Ghost and she did not even know it. She asked if I was always this caring? I said yes. She knew it was from the heart.

Then I said, this is a turning point in your life today. Please pray and thank God. Plus, go attend a church where you’re going to live. She said I’m a religious person. Then I gave her my business card. Next, she gave me a hug and promised to stay in touch with me. And went on her way with a smile on her face. Later, I called my mother and explained I did a good deed for the day for another person. She was proud of me.

What is a a Jesus moment / Divine Appointment? A Jesus moment is a religious experience and transformation meeting that can happen to anyone at anytime. Be open and experience a spiritual moment. Reflect on your personal spiritual experience and thank the Lord.

Finally, this situation can happen to anyone. Can you answer the call from the Lord? It was a moving experience for everyone involved. Please help someone in need. One day you might be on the receiving side. Peace and love to everyone.

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Information from – first hand experience

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