Activity Review – Urban Sketchers Orlando on location at Disney Springs

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist

Orlando, FL – Here is what you missed at the 2022 Urban Sketchers Orlando at Disney Springs Event Saturday, June 25, 2022. About ten local artists came out to sketch onsite. These artists had all different artistic levels. All sketcher artists were trying to capture a story. No, we don’t we photographs and take it back to the art studio to work on it. Everything is done on location. However, some touch ups can be done at home.

This was a free activity that anyone can participate in. Just bring your own art supplies and a folding chair and come to one of our outings. On this day, it was a sunny day without any rain during our stay.

Before starting on this piece, I walked around to see if anything caught my eye while waiting for the rest of the group at House of Blues. A few places that caught my eye was the M&M World building, Cirque Du Soleil, and much more. Keep in mind you want to sketch something that is not too complicated. If not, you might get burned out of it.

I brought limited art supplies with me as directed by Event Coordinator Noga. Next, I sat on the ground under the overhang near the House of Blues Gift Shop. It was not a comfortable position but did it anyways. Then got out my black ink pen and found the right angles to sketch out the M&M World building. While looking at the blank paper, I placed the vertical and horizontal lines of the contour of this building. No pencil and ruler was used. What a challenge it was.

While sketching, a few people stopped to either smile or chatted with me. Only one lady came by and wanted me to draw a caricature of her right on the spot. I said, no sorry I’m not in the caricature frame of mind. Plus, Disney does not allow artists to sell their work on property. Other people were curious about what I was sketching.

After laying out the M&M building shape. The started to put in the doors and windows along with the round M&M candy shape. Plus, I did make a mistake but kept on going which I just modified the shape. It does not have to be an exact copy of the building. Just go with the flow.

Then the next step I added color into my composition. I selected colored magic markers to use on this piece while other sketchers used watercolors. I was fine with using colored magic markers. It was easy to use.

During my observation of the building, I noticed a trash bin location on the left side of the building. So I decided to keep that element out of my composition. When telling a story one can either add or take away an objects. It is up to you. Modify the composition if you need.

Photo from

The building would have been boring without people in the scene. At some point, a lady with her daughter dressed in white dresses came outside from the shop. So I decided to add them to the scene. Sketching these people had to be done quickly. The white dresses were not working so I colored the dresses to purple to off set the yellow. It was good idea. Just remember color theory to help you.

Finally, after completing my sketch, I added the some text with location, date, and my signature. Then waited around for the Urban Sketchers throw down conduct a show and tell of each work of art. In a group setting, everyone talked about their piece and how they arrived at what they sketched. Mine had architectural geometric shapes and bright colors. Overall, I had a great time creating this piece of art. If you are an artist and have never experience sketching on location before then please come out to one of our events.

Artwork by Nathan Wertheimer

When I finished coloring the building then I decided to add some ground texture. It is ok to leave the ground white. If I had the right colors I might have colored the ground. No worries. This piece are not so suppose to be finished work of art.

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