Northland Church presents Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Class: Aug-Nov 2022

Article graphics courtesy by Northland Church – Longwood

Mark your calendar to attend the Perspectives Class Information Gathering Seminar on Sunday, July 17, 2022, from 3pm – 4pm, at Northland Church. This is a free seminar before you decide to sign up for this 15-week class. There is no obligation to sign-up for this class. For more information please visit . This class is open to all adults. Sign up today!

It is a short drive from Downtown Orlando to Northland Church – Longwood. Check your GPS for the best rout there. There is plenty of free parking on property. Northland is located at 522 Dog Track Road, Longwood, Florida 32750.

What is Perspectives on the World Christian Movement? Perspectives is a global movement that is awakening the Body of Christ to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people group for His glory.

The first class starts on Sunday, August 7, 2022, from 3pm – 6pm and run to November 20, 2022. Here is the break down of the 15-Week Classes:

• 1st Week – Lesson 1: The Living God is Missionary God presented by Lead Pastor Josh Laxton

• 2nd Week – Lesson 2: The Story of His Glory by Jamie Farr

• 3rd Week – Lesson 3: Your Kingdom Come by Grant Haynes

• 4th Week – Lesson 4: Mandate for the Nations by Pastor Gus Davies

• 5th Week – Lesson 5: Unleashing the Gospel by Emily Simmons

• 6th Week – Lesson 6: The Expansion of the Christian Movement by Yvonne Huneycutt

• 7th Week – Lesson 7: Eras of Mission History by Sundee Simmons

• 8th Week – Lesson 8: Pioneers of the World Christian Movement by Dr. Kendi Howells Douglas

• 9th Week – Lesson 9: The Task Remaining by Mark Baxter

• 10th Week – Lesson 10: How Shall They Hear? By Tom & Danielle Brendle

• 11th Week – Lesson 11: Building Bridges of Love by Julie Whitmore

• 12th Week – Lesson 12: Christian Community Development by Matthew Shiles

• 13th Week – Lesson 13: The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches by Moasic Girl

• 14th Week – Lesson 14: Pioneer Church Planting by Joe G

• 15th Week – Lesson 15: World Christian Discipleship by Jeffrey Moody

Lessons are taught by a different instructor each week. Plus, there are lesson resources such as handouts, audio clips, video clips and much more. After successfully completing this course you will be considered an Alumni. For more information please visit

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