List of items to bring on your next cruise vacation

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist

When packing for your cruise here are some of the items to bring. Don’t try to bring everything and the kitchen sink. If you forget something you may pay a high price on the cruise ship. One should be packing a few weeks ahead of time just to make sure they have everything. Don’t wait till the last minute to pack for your cruise. I have created a simple checklist of items to pack. Some of these items maybe around your home:

  1. Large suit case
  2. Your clothes – shorts, pants, shirts, underwear, swimsuit, etc
  3. Footwear – tennis shoes, flip-flops, slippers, dress shoes, etc.
  4. Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, etc
  5. Sun tan lotion
  6. Hip pouch (for both male and female)
  7. Medication – pills, liquid, and creams
  8. Mini first aid kit – bandages, etc
  9. Hat or baseball cap
  10. Sunglasses (a must have)
  11. Baby powder
  12. Packing cubes (recommended)
  13. Heavy duty magnetic hooks (recommend 25lbs+)
  14. Foldable Pop Up clothes hamper and or laundry bag
  15. Over the door hanger organizer
  16. Sticky notes and a pen
  17. Fluorescent highlighter (for highlight in the daily cruise newsletter)
  18. USB /electric outlet hub (non- surge protector)
  19.  Cabin night light
  20. Flash light
  21.  Portable Alarm clock
  22.  Dry ease board with dry erase pens
  23.  Zip lock bags – various sizes
  24.  Décor magnets (to decorate your front cabin door)
  25.  Wrinkle release for clothes
  26. Plastic water bottle
  27.  A stack of Thank You cards (to give out to the crew members)
  28. White noise machine and or earplugs (for sensitive sleepers)
  29. Clothes pens (for hanging your clothes in the shower or elsewhere)
  30. Snacks – cookies, chips, crackers, peanuts, granola bars, etc
  31. Camera – DSLR, GoPro, point and shoot cameras, etc
  32. Beverages cans and bottles– limit quantities are a lot on the ship
  33. Entertainment material – books, magazines, coloring books, etc
  34. A small box fan (to cool the cabin faster)
  35. Thank you cards – to give to the crew
  36. Extra money (US cash)

Here are some extra items you might think about bringing with you:

• Portable DVD player with DVD movies

• MP3 Music player with headphones

• Bring your own pillow

• Portable video game player

• Tablet and or laptop computer

• Toys or games for the kids

• Art supplies – drawing paper, pencil, magic markers

• Craft supplies – knitting, scrap booking, etc.

• Favorite books

• Snorkeling/scuba gear (no scuba tanks)

Please don’t over pack. You’ll have to lug everything to and from the ship. It will be heavy. Enjoy your cruise vacation.

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Sources of information from Royal Caribbean Blog and Life Well Cruised

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