Introducing Drawing from God to the World

Republished article from Drawing from God

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist

The time has come for the Sermon Sketch Series, Worship Live Sketch Series, and other religious content to have a new home of their own. While featured some religious content, their religious content will be phased out over time better serve the Central Florida attractions and entertainment viewers. The fun and religious content needed to be separated with the two different target audiences. I think you’ll agree.

Why was Drawing from God started? Many people in the religious community want one place to find interesting and exciting religious content. This where this new website will come into play. Expect this new website will be rolled out very soon. For now the Instagram at drawingfromgod2 and Twitter @DrawingFromGod are up and running. So check it out!

What comes to your mind when thinking about Drawing from God? I think of creative religious messages, stories, and other information. We want people to explore their own faith. Today, the world is not focused on faith. This has to change. Peace and love to everyone in this world. We all need to respect and get along with everyone. Yes, Satan/Devils somehow still roams the world. Only you can stop your sins and begin to have a meaningful life with your personal mission with God.

All of us have a life mission. Some people do not know their life’s mission is. This is ok. I recommend exploring your local religious institution for spiritual guidance. The content on Drawing from God will help you have a better understand on how to be a spiritual person and to give back to society.

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