Cruise Embarkation Day – Cruise Terminal 1 at Port Canaveral Experience

By Nathan Wertheimer
Multimedia Journalist

Port Canaveral, FL – You might be ready to get on the ship and head on out to your destination. Here is what you need to know. Your cruise ship will arrive in port around 5:30am – 6:00am in the morning. Then the demarcation starts to unload the previous cruise ship passengers. Everyone should be off the ship around 9am. Plan to board the ship around 10am or 11am. The latest to board is around 3pm. The cruise is to set sail around 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

When you book your cruise you are given an appointment time to board the ship. It is recommended to go with the earliest time if possible. Don’t worry about the time. Just show up and go to the appointment line time that you have selected. Passenger line will alternate while checking paperwork before entering the Cruise Terminal 1 building. Don’t be overwhelmed with the long lines. It is estimated to get through the line at the peak time of about 1 hour to 1:30 hour. It maybe hot standing in the long line. The lines move at a steady speed.

For people who are handicap should not stand in the line, but should wait on the side. Please have your party wait in the line until you are ready to be checked in. Then call the handicap person over to the line.

While standing in line please do your emustard task on your cell phone. This will save you some time while waiting. Everyone must do this task before the cruise can leave the port. If not, you’ll hear your name call of the ship’s PA system and you will not like that.

After entering the building it is smooth sailing. You will not see backed up lines for the security checkpoint. Please remember not to pack certain items for your cruise vacation. This is an easier checkpoint than the TSA airport screening.

Once you complete the security checkpoint you have to check-in at the cruise desk. They will verify your paperwork before boarding the ship.

Then after you have completed your check-in, then head directly for the ship. Show your boarding ticket on your cell phone and or hardcopy. This task is simple. Next ship photographers are standing by to have your family photo taken on the terminal concourse. You have the option of take a photos or just pass on by.

Note cruise cabins are not ready until about 1pm or 1:30pm. They will make an announcement when they are ready. Just find a spot to relax until the time comes.

Once on the ship then go then check in to your E-Muster station to get it out of the way. This is a mandatory task for all passengers. Then move on to the Windjammer Market Place Restaurant for some food and drinks. Chill and have a great time on until the cruise set to sail.

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