2022 RCACF Tangerine Model Air Fest Events

Article graphics courtesy by RCACF

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

Check out the RCACF Model Air Show Tangerine event in November and December 2022. These events are open to both pilots and spectators too. Here is the set schedule of events to include:
• Tangerine Big Bird event on November 25-27, 2022, from 9am – 4pm
• Cliff Telford Memorial Tangerine Pylon Race, December 3-4, 2022, from 9am – 4pm
• Bob Violett Memorial Jet Fest, December 9-11, 2022, 9am – 4pm
• Tangerine Fun Fly, December 17-18, 2022, 8am – 4pm
• Tangerine Airshow & Swap Meet, December 31, 2022, 9am – 4pm

Note registration for RC pilots is at 8am and meeting is at 8:30am. Then flying starts at 9am. Enjoy the open sky in Apopka to fly your RC aircraft. Any questions please contact event staff.

There will be every type of RC plane and flying imaginable. Jets, warbirds, pylon racing, pattern demo, giant scale electric & helicopter aircraft. They’re going to have Top Gun and Jet World Masters pilots on hand at the controls. Plus, pylon racing champions and much more! This is a must see event. Everyone is welcome to attend. Note that aircraft may not fly in the rain and heavy wind.

It is only a short drive from Downtown Orlando to Tangerine Field. Check your GPS for the best route there. Their address is at 203 West Keen Road, Apopka, Florida. When arriving on property you’ll see staff directing vehicle traffic There is plenty of parking on property near the airfield. RVs are ok to park on property. Sorry, no utilities for RVs.

Admission to event is $20 per person for all three days. At this time, it is unknown what the single day admission would be. Bring cash to pay for admission.

Once you park you vehicle, most crowds will be claiming their watch space from the fence area. It is recommended to bring your own folding chairs to sit and enjoy the air show. Only approved individual maybe in the RC prep and maintenance areas. At intermission of this air show, visitors will have a chance to get an up close of all the RC aircraft in this air show and ask pilots questions on the runaway.

This model air show feels similar to a real airshow. Some RC aircrafts even sound very loud like the real thing. There is even an announcer introducing the pilot and his or her RC aircraft. There will be a limited number of aircraft flying at the same time.

Here is some of the highlight on this property. There is one750ft long by 50ft wide paved runway. It will handle the smallest park fliers to the largest of turbine-powered jets. Also there is three large covered shelters (RC hangars) used for bad weather and for some shade. There are six start-up and tune stations near airfield.

If you get hungry and thirsty, during the air show they have you covered. The RCACF Club will be cooking and selling hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and other items at the Food Hangar along with food trucks on property too. Please bring cash for payment on all food items.

For your safety please adhere to all safety rules while on the property of Tangerine Field. The fly line must be clear at all times will aircraft are in the air. Sorry, no personal drones are allowed to be flying during the air show. There have on occasion been some air mishaps and or mechanical problems while in flight. Always keep your eyes on the flying aircraft in the sky. Don’t touch any RC aircraft without pilot’s permission.

RCACF is always looking for new members. It does not matter what level of skill your at. They have experienced instructors to help you improve your flight skills. It is worth your time to spend a day at this model air show. There is so much fun in the sky. You might even want to fly your own RC model aircraft. . Don’t forget to bring your still/video camera to this air show. You’ll want to capture the memories. For more information on this RC model aircraft club please visit www.rcacf.com .

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Source of information: First hand experience and rcacf.com

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