2018 Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Dining Experience


Advertisement graphics courtesy by royalcaribbean and photo by otownfun.com

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Recently, I went on a seven days cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas in August 2018. While aboard, I had three meals a day along with a snack. There are many restaurant and bars to choose from on this ship. I reviewed all of the free dining restaurants aboard this ship. All food is prepared fresh everyday. This is one cruise one will not go away hungry.

When going to any of these dining places below it is always best to wash your hands before eating. Hand sanitizers are available at the front door to each restaurant and bars. It is highly recommended to keep your hands clean than to spread germs throughout the cruise ship.

If you are a big drinker with either soda or alcohol than purchase the beverage pass the first day of your cruise. There is 24/7 accesses to soda or alcohol on the ship. Certain limits may apply.

The main dining room that Royal Caribbean selected for my vacation was the American Icon Dining Room. Plus, there are two other main dining rooms as well. All the three dining rooms serve the same food menu. This dinning room is located on the third deck in the back of the ship. The décor of the restaurant had a United States Map made out of automobile license plates, vehicle headlights, and various American landscape photos. This dining room served both breakfast and dinner only.

The breakfast consisted of an American style buffet breakfast. They had eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, bagels, variety of fruits, a sliced cheese, and much more. This is an all-you-can-eat place. Many families like to come to this place because it less crowd compared to the Windjammer Café.

For dinner, I had some of the best waiting staff from this cruise. Their names were Ronny from the Philippines, and Sanyo from India. They were always energetic, very polite, and always knew what our family liked. The American Icon always served a huge meal. If you went away hungry it was your own fault.

Next, I tried Sorrento Pizzeria located on the Promenade deck on 5th Floor of the ship. The peak times for this restaurant are at lunchtime and around dinnertime. During the off time there was very little wait for a snack. Most cruise passenger would say this is the best pizza place on this ship. They served cheese, pepperoni, and everything pizza. One could get two slices of pizza at a time.

The Wipe Out Café located on deck 15 on the pool desk near the back of the ship. This is a great place to grab and go. It is a self-service buffet style café. For lunch it is mainly hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, pizza, sandwiches and much more. Don’t forget the dessert. It is your choice for dessert of pies, cakes, or soft-serve yogurt. It is a great place if enjoying the outside. There aren’t any places to sit down in this small café. However, there is some tables and chair near this restaurant.

The Central Park Café, which is located on deck 8. This is a small café with some seating available. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. For breakfast they serve bagels with cream cheese, pastries, fruit cups, cereal, breakfast sandwiches, and much more. For lunch, it was salads and sandwiches. This place is not as crowded as the Windjammer and passengers are more relaxed.

Don’t forget to check-out Johnny Rockets Diner, which is located on desk 6. This is a medium size restaurant with inside and outside seating too. They served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Note: the breakfast is free only. The day I ate at this restaurant, I had the American style breakfast with bacon, two eggs, toast, and potatoes. I felt it was a large breakfast. It is advised to get there early when it opens. They’re maybe a wait during high peak times.

The Windjammer Café, which is located on deck 16. This is a large restaurant with a scenic view along with the decor. This café will get crowded at peak times. They have a large selection on the buffet line. One will always have a choice of the meat of the day, salad bar area, assorted breads, and assorted desserts. Coffee, lemonade, and tea, are always complimentary.

I did not get a chance to try the other specialty restaurants, which are additional cost per guest. Overall, I thought the food and service was great on this ship. There weren’t any real problems. Also, I would like to thank Royal Caribbean for all of their hospitality. If you would like more information on booking your cruise please visit www.royalcarbbean.com .

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