Off Topic – Before and After of Hurricane Irma in Central Florida


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Most people took this Hurricane seriously. People were reminded from Hurricane Harvey’s devastation on Houston. This hurricane was a nothing like Hurricane Harvey. Each hurricane is different from one another. The key to surviving any hurricane is preparedness. People did heed the wake-up call and did prepare for this hurricane.

A week before this storm was about to hit, many people ran out to their local grocery store to stock her on their food and water supplies. Many of the stores ran out of products. Consumers were buying cases of bottled water, canned food, chips, bread, and much more. Plus, people were buying power generators at their local home improvement store. The power generators could not be restocked as fast as they were being sold. Depending on the power generator watts would power just about entire house excluding a dryer and a heating and air system. To power up one’s house one must have a special connector to the electrical junction box. A certified electrician must do this work correctly so you don’t start a fire. A power generator must never be used indoors. This is why our local news keeps reminder the viewers. Plus, local government sent a text alert about using power generators inside of houses.

With all the hurricane evacuees coming through Central Florida, gasoline became a hot commodity. Some gas stations were even running out with demand running high. Plus, the price of gas was going up because of the limited gas refineries were down. The Florida Highway Patrol was even escorting gas tankers to certain gas stations. Then Governor Scott, lifted gasoline restrictions from gasoline bring transported into Florida. This helped with hurricane evacuees to purchase gasoline at many gas stations. Many evacuees were heading to Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Before this Hurricane headed to Florida, many county governments imposed a curfew. This was to help first responders and to keep the general population off the streets. Still there were a few people who decided to take advantage of the situation and commit crimes of opportunity. Law Enforcement did make some arrests during the peak of the hurricane. Most residents were getting cabin fever. I know I was.

Then Hurricane Irma impacted Central Florida during the night. Most people were sleeping. I was sleeping and woke up around 3am to check the television to see the status on this hurricane. One could hear the howling wind outside with some rain outside the window. I still had power throughout the entire hurricane moving through. Some people were not so lucky the power went out during the hurricane impacting their area.


Most people survived and experienced Hurricane Irna in Central Florida. Now people are cleaning up at homes and businesses. Some properties had more damage than others. On Monday, after this hurricane had passed, I toured the Altamonte Springs area. It was still very windy when touring parts of Altamonte Springs.

I found that Cranes Roost Park was partially flooded at the large retention pond. It is not usual for Cranes Roost Park to be flooded from past major hurricanes. The floating stage was securely tied down to the pilings and looked in good shape. There was damage on the floating dock on the west side of the retention pond. Parts of the boardwalk were underwater. For many people this is a sight to see. People are curious in general to see the aftermath of a hurricane. I don’t blame them.


Another big problem is the power out in the area, which is sporadic. Even some of the traffic lights were out. The local news media reminded people that if they encountered any traffic lights that were out to treat it as a stop sign. The motto is first stop, first go. However, some careless motorist blew tight through an intersection without stopping. I even saw an unmarked Altamonte Springs Police vehicle pull over a gray sedan that did not even stop at all. Plus, I even encountered this myself when I toured the area. I stopped at a traffic light that was out. The driver hind me blew his horn at me. I guess this driver never got the memo that all drivers are required by law to stop at traffic light that were out.

There was other road damage too. The westbound interstate four right shoulder had a washout by State Road 434 on ramp. The dirt underneath the road along with some exposed pipes washed out the interstate road during the hurricane impact. This area was coned off and monitors by a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper sitting in their vehicle. At some point the Florida Department of Transportation made the decision to close and block off this on-ramp to I-4 waiting to be repaired.

Flooding in certain areas was another big problem for both residential and business properties. On Wymore Road, a few businesses were affected. There was an old abandon motel that was flooded next too two commercial office buildings. Down the way, some apartments are flooded by the interstate. Most of these properties are in low-lying flood prone area, which sit right next to Interstate 4.

The power has gone out for most people residences and some businesses. There are still some power lines that are arcing. Transformers tend to arc when an object comes in contact with them. I have even seen some power poles leaning and or split in half. One does not know if the power lines are live or dead. It is advised to just stay away from downed power lines. Many power companies pre-staged out of the state crews ahead of the hurricane to start working on the downed power lines right after the storm.

There is a gasoline shortage in Central Florida with a limited number of gas stations open right after Hurricane Irna past through. Some gas station had their pumps all tied up with clear plastic. There was a 7-Eleven store in Altamonte Springs on 436 which had the parking lot full with customers inside. The 7-Eleven was the only open convenient store around.

In the end, many people have learned a lot of this hurricane. I would advised everyone living in the Central Florida area to have a hurricane kit ready at all times. One never knows when one will need it. Also, Hurricane Irma will go down in the history books as being one of the most powerful storms to ever effect all of Florida. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at

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2017 NWSL Championship Game Experience in Orlando Preview

Advertisement Graphics provided by Orlando Pride and NWSL

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – The National Women’s Soccer League is coming to town to play their Championship Game at Orlando City Stadium on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at 4:30pm. Rain or shine the game will still go on. Get your tickets now for the best selection available seats. Once the City of Orlando gets closer to game day tickets will be harder to come by. Expect a full house on this game day. This is the first time ever for Orlando to hold the NWSL Championship game.

Traffic and parking to this event will be very crowded because of other events taking place in the City of Orlando. Plan to arrive early to this event so you don’t miss any of the action on the field. There is very little free parking on the west side from the stadium closest to Orange Blossom Trail. It is suggested to park in a public and or private parking garage in Downtown Orlando and walk down to the stadium for this game. Some parking garages offer some pre-paid parking ahead of game day. Another alternative is taking a ride sharing service or take public transportation. Sunrail Service maybe available on this night. Check back with the Sunrail Service schedule for more details.

Come on out Orlando soccer fans and support the two final teams who will play for the NWSL Championship Game. Those teams have not been determined yet. The Orlando Pride is still in the play-off chance to make a run for the championship game. Who knows Orlando maybe playing for the Championship Game.

Before the game there will be some tailing parties at selection locations around town along with a fan zone outside of the stadium. The Fan Zone is made up of local vendors showcasing their products and services. Plus, some vendors give out free goodies. Soccer fans will be able to find some NWSL official Championship merchandise for sale. These items will collectors items in the future. Pick them up while you can. Once there gone. There gone!

Pre-game festivities will happened with both team introduced on the field along with the US National Anthem being sung. Look for a famous singer to sing the US National Anthem. At this time, it is unknown who will sing. Also the on-field media outlets will photograph the starting line-up team photos.

Game time will be huge with the best of two out of this year’s season. Look for some tough action and fast pace game on the pitch. During game time some fans might see some public celebrities and dignitaries in attendance for this game from the stands and suites. This game will not feel like a typical Orlando Pride game unless they are playing in this game. Also, this game will be televised Live on Lifetime Cable Network.

It is worth to stick around right after the game to watch the trophy ceremony in the middle of the pitch. See the winning team celebrate by hoisting the NWSL Championship trophy into the air and teammates splash a bottle of wine all over the team coach. Look for a trophy running tour on the field. One might get a chance to see the NWSL Championship trophy up close.

Following the trophy ceremony, both teams will hold press conferences for the media. These press conferences are closed to the general public. Live coverage will be broadcast on both radio and television. Some coverage maybe view live on and other social media accounts too. Later that night see high lights from the local and national media outlets.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see this main event in our backyard. It is known when this Championship game will return to Orlando. Get your ticket now before they are gone. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at .

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2017 Casselberry Battle of the Bands 5k Race Preview

b41636_0e5d9b8a102d42d5ae1e9a4d0b8532df~mv2Advertisement Photos and graphic courtesy by

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Casselberry, FL – Check out the Florida Hospital’s Battle of the Bands 5k race on Saturday, September 15, 2017, at 7:30am. This race was formerly known as Rock N Run 5k. The start and finish is at Lake Concord Park. This race is open to beginners and seasoned runners and along with power walkers too. Register online for you’re to reserve you spot for this race. There is a limit of 1,500 racer allow to participate in this race. Reserve your place now before they’re all gone.

Traveling to this event is just a quick drive from Downtown Orlando to Casselberry’s Lake Concord Park which sit’s along highway 17-92. There is limited parking at Lake Concord Park. It is recommended to park at either the Home Depot parking lot and or the Target parking lot. Also, there are a limited number of handicap parking spaces by the Casselberry Police Station.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this fun type of 5k race. This 5k race takes runners through Casselberry’s residential community with views of picturesque lakes along with mature trees that line this racecourse. The average running time for this race is 10-13 per mile . All runners and walkers must be within the 15 minutes per mile.

While running on this course runners will experience three bands at certain points along the course while playing their tunes. These bands are Run Raquel, The Getbye, and C. Bailey Callahan Band. Here are some brief bios about these bands. First, Run Raquel is an energetic five-piece band from Orlando, FL dishing out delicious pop-infused indie rock! They are a group of musicians focused on the journey of music making and keeping audiences dancing along! They released their EP “It’s Gonna Take A Little Longer” now streaming on all digital platforms.  Website: .

Next, The Getbye Band is from one man simultaneously playing accordions, drums and trumpets at the same time, to the others filling on bongos, bass and guitar, The Getbye is certainly a spectacle to be seen, and one that’s hard to miss. Their whirlwind of sound, and love, has carried them from Gasparilla Music Festival, Westward to Backwoods Music Fest, and North to Indiana’s Good People Good Times Festival along with a host of other gypsy forest fests. Our gypsy sound has played along side artist such as Porter Robinson, Lettuce, The Floozies, Papadosio, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Odeza, Erykah Badu, Ms MR, Supervillians, Keller Williams, HoundMouth, Dr. Dog, Infected Mushroom and Less than Jake, to just name a few. The Getbye makes their audience the fifth member of the band through clapping, chanting and by even passing around their own percussive instruments, the shows are just as much a party as they are a performance. It’s music, it’s peace and a little something they like to call “Gypsy Love”. .

And the third band is C. Bailey Callahan Band who is Bailey Callahan is a 17-year-old Nashville recording artist, singer, songwriter and gifted performer.  She has opened for Scotty McCreery, Hunter Hayes, Sawyer Brown, performed at the UCF/CFE arena and Amway Arena for the Mascott Games; she performs locally in Central Florida and tours throughout the United States.  She just returned from Nashville finishing up and then releasing her self-titled CD.   Bailey’s music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and her original songs are played regularly on radio stations and Internet stations across the country. website: . At the end of the race, participants can vote for your favorite band.

If you have never participated in a 5k race before it is recommended to check with your doctor to see if you’re in good health to participate in a 5k race. Then got out and buy some new running shoes and start training a few weeks in advance of a race. It is worth the challenge of making through a race to say that one has accomplished it. Once you get hooked, you will want to participate in more 5k races. Most new race participants do a combination of running and walking to make it through a race with an average time of 40-50 minutes to complete a 5k race.

Before a runner hit’s the finish line, you’ll see spectators cheering you on. Plus, runners will notice professional photographers at the finish line to taking your photo while one crosses the line. Plus, race participants will be notified by email when photos are ready for viewing! To view the race photos go .

The party starts right after this race. Celebrate at the post-race party with ice-cold brew (21+) and live music by Brasky Family Crest. Brasky Family Crest is comprised of three professional musicians. Collectively they have many years of performing, touring, recording and teaching. Truly an experience you won’t forget. Sample and enjoy craft beer from Orange Blossom Brewing Company and Crooked Can Brewing Company.

This is such an accomplishment for those who participated in a 5k race. Right after this 5k race, stick around for the awards and relax a have a cup of beer with a free coupon. Sorry, this race does not have any finisher’s metal for completing this 5k race. There is a certificate participate are able to download from the Track Shack email.

For more information on this race go to . The next 5k race after this is the Race Nona 5K which is held on Saturday, September 30, 2017, at 6:45pm, at Lake Nona Town Center.

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2017 Bruno Mars – 24K Magic World Tour in Orlando Preview


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Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – One of the hottest concerts right now is the Bruno Mars – 24K Magic World Tour with special guest Jorja Smith. This concert is being held on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at 8pm, at the Amway Center in Orlando. Ticket prices range from $45 – $135 per person. Plus applicable taxes and fees maybe applied and are subject to change. Get your tickets now for this concert before this concert is sold out. If you were unable to get tickets to this concert just listen to your local radio station for your chance to win a pair of tickets along with a possible back stage meet and greet with the artist. Certain rules may apply from the radio station.

At this concert the opening act will be special guest singer Jorja Smith. Who is singer Jorja Smith? Smith is a British born singer. Smith sings such songs as “Where Did I Go,” “Beautiful Little Fools,” “Blue Lights,” and much more.

Who is Bruno Mars? He is an American singer-songwriter. Mars sings such songs as “24K Magic,” “That What I like,” “Versace on the Floor,” “Treasure,” “Just the Way You Are,” and much more. Many of Mars top songs have made the American Billboards charts. Mar will take the stage in the second act.

The Amway Center is right in Downtown Orlando right off of I-4. Check your GPS for the best route to this location. Gieco Parking Garage at the Amway Center rates vary from $10-$20 per vehicle per day. For more reasonable parking rates there are many public and private parking garages in the downtown area. Sorry, there is very little from parking in the downtown area.

There are many things to expect at the Amway Center for any concert. It is best to arrive at any concert early when the doors open. Just remember one must go through a security checkpoint to enter the Amway Center. Certain items may be restricted. Check with security before standing in line to enter the building.

Depending on where you sit and or stand will depend on the quality of the sound. The best sound will be where the soundboard is located. This is usually on the ground floor near the back of the floor seating area. If you have front row seating expect to hear a lot of bass from the large speakers. One may even feel the vibration from the speakers too. Also, expect to see media photographers blocking your view in the pit area for a few songs for each artist or photographers will be photograph at the soundboard.

If you’re looking to take photos and videos at any concert at the Amway Center there are certain restrictions. Check with the Amway Center and or the promoter before being a camera inside the Amway Center. Some electronic devices are prohibited from concerts. Video and Audio recording is forbidden at a concert. For this reasons the quality and the sound are not at it’s best. Most concertgoers use their cell phone to take some selfies and concert photos and post them on their social media accounts. Make sure you tag with the correct concert hash tag along with the location of the concert too.

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Off Topic – Central Florida Law Enforcement Candidate Recruit Hiring Process Experience

Written by Robert Voss

At one time in your life did you ever want to be a cop? If you said, yes then continue reading my article on having a successful hiring process and get a job with any Florida Law Enforcement agency. If you’re looking for a new career then think about Law Enforcement. To get started, start browsing various law enforcement agency websites. The job postings title will say Law Enforcement Candidate Recruit and or Correction Candidate Recruit. These positions are for both men and woman who have not gone to the police and or correction academy. Most candidate recruit position are posted in late spring on an agency website. I applied for this position and had a chance to go through the candidate recruit hiring process.

There is very little information out there on the Internet for this hiring process in law enforcement. Candidates must be ready to pass all the steps. This whole entire process can take 2-3 months or longer with everything involved. Please be patient and focus on each of the tasks at hand. Candidates will only get one try to pass each step in the hiring process. Make it count! Get support from your family and friends. I wish you all the luck because one will need it.

Before filling out the candidate recruit application form, please keep in mind to be organized and prepared. Make yourself look good and standout from the rest of the candidates in the field. First, study up on the CJBAT – Law Enforcement or the Corrections test. Get the CJBAT Study Guide online by doing a search online. The paper version is about $15 at your local Florida College Bookstore. This is highly recommended to get a good score on this test. Once you have mastered the study guide make an appointment at your local Florida College who offers the CJBAT test. The cost per test is about $50-$60 per test. Once you pass this test it is good for up to four years. If you don’t pass this test on the first time you’ll have another two chances in one year to pass it. Check with CJBAT for minimum score requirements and other information. Scores are subject to change with notice.

Next, start getting in shape by exercising and running. This should be done 6-8 weeks before taking the Physical Agility Test (PAT). Some Law Enforcement agencies post a video on YouTube about their PAT course. It is advised to watch and take notes on it. This helped most candidates get through all the parts of this course. Inquire about the location of the course and take a walk-thru on the PAT course. Taking a walk-thru will help the candidate be less nervous when actual going thru the entire PAT course. Each agency will have different passing times. Note that all PAT courses are not the same. Some may have different challenges than the others.

When you have passed the CJBAT and are fit and in shape to take the PAT course now is the time to fill out the application before the deadline. Some agencies require an applicant to fill out a questionnaire to weed out some of the candidates applying. Be honest and answer all the questions correctly and send it to that agency. Once the agency reviews the candidates application they will send the candidate an email with a former employment application attachment to be filled out and either mail back and or hand delivered. They do not accept scanned email employment applications copies.

Upon further review of the candidate’s employment application from that agency, the candidate will get a either a phone call and or an email detailing the next step in the hiring process. This notification entails let the candidate know the date and location of the PAT course along the Civil Service Exam too.

Now is the time to study for the agency Civil Service Exam. There is some information online to help you study for this exam. Some agencies use the National Police Exam for their Civil Service Exam. While others have their own Civil Service Exam. This exam is broken up into four different parts, which are reading comprehension, basic math, grammar, and report writing. This is the time to master the math formulas for this exam.

On the day of the PAT course, one should be well rested and focus on getting thru this course. Don’t worry about the PAT course, there will be agency instructors to guide each candidate through the entire course. Most candidates pass it with the average time. It is recommended to give it your all. If you really want this job, just focus and do all the tasks. When going thru this PAT course it recommended leaving your wallet and other items inside your vehicle. Take out your vehicle keys out of your pocket and leave them with your water bottle at the registration tent when it is your turn. Candidates should dress in cool loose fitting clothing. Don’t eat or drink a lot before going thru this PAT course. At the end of the PAT course candidates are encourage to bring a change of cloths before going to take the Civil Service Exam later in the morning.

Next, there is the Civil Service Exam. It is recommended to study ahead of time and memorize the math formulas for solving the math problems. Some agencies let the candidates use a calculator during the math portion of the exam. This is a timed exam. Candidates should maximize their time to get through each section. If a candidate fails just one section she or he may retake the section at another time. If a candidate fails two more sections she or he will have to reply in another year for this job. This exam is a little easier than the CJBAT test. Candidates without law enforcement experience are able to pass this test. If you have a learning disability or have a hard time taking exams please let the agency know ahead of time, so they can give the candidate special accommodations for the test. These special accommodations require a psychological documentation to be submitted to that agency.

Another hiring step is the finger print process. This entails giving your fingerprints to the agency you want to work for. It is recommended to have your hand moisturized and to drink plenty of water a couple days before giving your fingerprints. Unusually, dry and cracking fingerprints will not read into the computer. This may be a problem. The Human Resources Investigator will give you some options to correct this problem.

After the Civil Service Exam are the Computer Voice Stress Analyst Test (CVSA) and or sometimes a polygraph exam. This test involves answering questions truthfully. It is advised to be honest and not hind anything. The Human Resources Investigator has a way of getting certain information. During the test just relax, it is understood most people are nervous taking this test. The questions are either yes or no answers. Some times a candidate must explain their answers. After completing this test the candidate will be given the test results. This is a pass or fail grade. Note this test could take 2-3 hours so plan your day accordingly. Candidates may be required to write some of their answers to be kept on file.

Next, start registering with the college admissions for the academy. This will take some time to get the necessary documents that are required for the academy. Look for an Academy information session, which is a requirement to get an application to the academy. The college will explain more about their academy into details.

Candidates are advised to start preparing for the oral panel board. Some agencies may provide a list of possible questions. It is advised to do your own research and come up with possible questions they will ask. Additional panel board questions can be found on the Internet. Another thing is practice with a fake board before one takes the real oral board. This can be set-up with family and friends. Practice makes perfect. If you’re not able to get a group of people together try using the mirror. Another ideas is to get a Law Enforcement oral board photo off the internet and put it in slideshow with the questions which would be randomly given.

Start doing your research on the Law Enforcement agency as a whole. This information can be found at the FDLE website by doing a search. Collect the information and use it for your own fact sheet. Most candidate questions you have can be answered from your research on that agency. Hint some questions may even come from this agency information that is used at the oral panel board.

The oral panel board is comprised usually of three people from the Senior Command Staff of that agency. If you made it this far you’re doing great. On the day your going to meet with the panel please be well-dressed in your Sunday’s best. Plus, bring a black leather portfolio with four resumes to pass out to each of the panel members. Another thing to bring is a sheet of questions to ask too. When escorted into the panel room there will be one chair. All the panel members will be standing so this is the opportunity to shake their hands and hand them a resume. Wait for them to ask you to sit down. Just remember to sit up straight and project your voice in a professional manor. Another thing to remember is eye contact with each of the members when answering their questions. Some questions may even come from your past and current employment along with scenarios based situations.

I recommend only asking one question like “From the Senior Command Staff can you please provide one thing you like about this agency.” Listen to their response. Sometimes the panel doesn’t give the best answers too. Make sure you have a closing statement to end your panel interview. When the panel stands up, make sure you shake their hands again and this will conclude the panel interview. Don’t expect to get your results right away. Each candidate may wait from 1-5 days. Don’t forget to send a thank you email and or letter to each of the panel members. This is just a courtesy to thank them for their time. This is a pass or fail for the interview.

The next stage in the hiring process is a meeting will be with either the County Sheriff and or the Police Chief for another interview. One may receive a possible unconditional letter to be hired. Be prepared to give your resume and to answer more questions. The top Law Enforcement Officer with that agency wants to make sure you’re the right fit for their agency. Candidates may get the same questions asked from the previous panel interview.

After passing both interviews with the panel and the top Law Enforcement Officer, the candidate is almost there but not yet. The candidate still has to pass the physical and psychosocial evaluation. These are additional hiring process requirements.

In the end, I did go through the whole entire recruit hiring process ending with the oral panel review. Even though, this oral panel did not select me, I sure learned a lot from the entire hiring process. What gave me a problem was the oral board is somewhat subjective and is based on the candidate’s qualifications and current and past work experience. In the future, I plan on reapplying for a future candidate recruit position and to get hired on with another law enforcement agency. This is the reason I wrote this article about the Law Enforcement hiring process guide was to inform good candidates how to succeed. Our community needs good and honest Law Enforcement Officers out in the field.

Get it your best try, I wish everyone good luck in going through this entire hiring process. If you don’t make it the first time, try again and improve upon on what you can. If you pass the hiring process with my guide and get hired with any agency please let me know by email me at . I would like to hear your thoughts going through this hiring process as I did. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events, places, and articles, please check us out at .

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Review On Artist Brooks Dierdorff Solo Art Exhibit At Seminole State College

Advertisement image provided by Seminole State College

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Sanford, FL – It is another new Fine Arts season at Seminole State College. The very first art exhibit this fall is Brooks Dierdorff: A Bright Mirror Standing . His work is on display at the Art Gallery on the main campus at SSC from August 31 – September 27, 2017. Come experience Dierdorff’s wonderful photography and installation in person.

Traveling to the Seminole State College Center for the Performing and Fine Arts is located right on the main campus in Sanford, Florida, which is only about a 30-40 minute drive from Downtown Orlando. The SSC address is at 100 Weldon Blvd, Sanford, Florida. There are signs directing drivers to the Fine Arts Gallery near Building G. Parking on campus is free and is available in the student parking area only. Look for the exterior brick building marked Building G. There are a few entrances to this building.

If you have not visited the SSC for the Performing and Fine Arts Art gallery before one is in for a real treat. This college art gallery is in our backyard in Seminole County. Throughout the year there has been a wide variety of art exhibits by local and national artists. One has a chance to get up close and personal with these masterpieces. You might even meet the actual artist at one of the opening reception for one of many art gallery exhibits. This art gallery is always looking for donations to keep it running. Please help keep the arts alive in Central Florida.

Dierdorff has ten pieces in and around this art gallery, which is comprised of an installation and along with a collection of photography. The photography collection is based on animals and nature along with a short video of a hatchery. Visitors are advised to pick up a map and essay brochures to read more about this art exhibit. The very first art piece viewers will notice is a huge vinyl mesh screen of a landscape with office furniture behind it. Plus, viewers are able to watch a photo slideshow on two different projectors of various photos that Dierdorff has digitally reformatted. Feel free and walk around and view these great works of art at your leisure.

Here is a brief biography about Dierdorff where he is an Associate Professor at UCF. Besides teaching, he is an artist working in photography, video, sculpture and performance. Plus, he has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally at galleries that include Salander O’Rielly in New York; Punch Gallery in Seattle; the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland; High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree, California; Johalla Projects in Chicago; and the Ulrike Hamm Gallery in Bissendorf, Germany. His work has been written about in publications including Daily Serving, Visual Arts Source, Oregon Arts Watch, and Justice League PDX. For 3 years Dierdorff was co-director of Ditch Projects, an artist-run exhibition space in Springfield, Oregon. In 2014 Dierdorff founded Grammar Center, an exhibition and performance space located in Medford, Oregon. His educational background is with an MFA degree in Photography from the University of Oregon and a BA degree in Visual Arts from the University of California, San Diego. This information was found on the University of Central Florida School of Visual Arts & Design website.

The opening reception was held on Thursday, August 31, 2017 from 5pm – 7pm. Dierdorff was present at the opening reception. I was able to sit down for a few minutes and conduct a brief interview with this artist. One question many people are dying to ask him is what type of photography equipment does he use. Dierdorff uses a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera along with his favorite 18-35mm 2.8 Canon L Series lens. Plus, he has an assortment of other lenses too. Sometimes he uses a 3200 watt Einstein Strobe for his still-life. If your interested in listen to him speak, an artist gallery talk will be scheduled for a future date.

When Dierdorff was a child, he first started out using a Pentax film camera where he was inspired into becoming a photographer. One thing neat about Dierdroff up bringing is this both of his parents have a background in both performing and visual fine arts. After college, he worked as a photographer photographing portraits and weddings. Now his focus is on teaching and creating his own work. In the classroom he teaches all different levels of photography. Also he is a member of the Society for Photographic Education organization (SPE).

There were a few art pieces caught my eye when I visited the SSC Art Gallery. The three unique pieces I found to critique are The Jungle, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Corvallis Field Office, and Florida Wildlife Management Unit (South). Each of these art pieces is different from one another. Art is subjective and is open to one’s interpretation.

The first piece I saw was entitled The Jungle, which was printed from an inkjet on vinyl mesh screen and stretched on a white wooden frame. This is one piece a viewer won’t miss seeing when walking into this art gallery. Behind the vinyl mesh screen is an actual working office complete with a desk and chair with a computer and telephone along with a file cabinet on the side. This office area belongs to the SSC Art Gallery Curator, which has been moved into this space to incorporate into this art piece for this art installation. The size of the transparent screen measures 8 x 6 feet. The photography on this screen is a stock image of a landscape scene of a forest. It is unknown where this image was taken. This image was not a photograph taken by this artist. Dierdorff used this image to incorporate into the installation piece. The photo can be described as having free form with line and different shapes. There is a monochromatic color scheme with the greens and browns. There is not one thing that just pops out at the viewer on this art piece. Also, there is a set of three mesh screen pieces measuring the same size located outside in front of the art gallery lawn. Depending on the weather condition and sun direction will give a viewer a good perspective of this wildlife image when the light hits it just right. If you have a chance to view it at night when it is dark. It will be back lit from the light post.

Another piece inside the college art gallery that caught my eye is a white wooden frame color photo entitled Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This is a color photo depicting an office interior space. Nothing has been stage in this photo by Dierdorff. This is an actual working office for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Some viewers will notice an orange life preserver hanging on the office door near the top left corner of the photo. Which is kind of odd. On the right wall are a variety of types of illustrated fishes on a poster. Another thing viewers will notice is the tall bookcase in the back right side has all of there books organized by color.

Finally, the last art piece inside the front art gallery window caught my eye entitled Florida Wildlife Management Unit (South). When one looks at it, it looks like an abstract painting or some sort of island. However, it is a photograph of the silhouette of a district 7 in the center of the composition. Dierdorff photograph this image as a still-life on a flat surface. The color scheme is black and gray with aqua color as a background. There is a distinct shape with the black element. This piece was selected and is displayed in the front art gallery window to entice people to visit this college art gallery.

Overall, there are a lot of neat aspects about this art exhibit. It is worth the time to stop by SSC for the Performing and Fine Arts Art gallery in Sanford. The next Seminole State College Art Gallery featured artist is Joe Pardo: Literature, Libations, and Little White Lies. Opening reception is on Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 5-7pm. This art exhibit runs from October 5 – November 1, 2017.

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Off Topic – Telemarketer Elizabeth Keeps Calling Me and Won’t Stop!

Written by Robert Voss

If you live in the Central Florida area, you may have been getting a telemarketing calls every 10-12 days repeatedly from telemarketer Elizabeth with Resort Rewards Center. This telemarketer company calls with spoofing random phone numbers from 407-227-XXXX. No wants to get telemarketing calls on their cell phone at all hours of the day. If your phone number is on the National Do Not Call List one would think they would be safe. That is not the case.

Here is some background of Telemarketer Elizabeth who is trying to entice consumers to buy her time-share packages. Her pitch line is very simple towards most consumers. This type scheme towards any consumer is a hook, line, and sinker. Telemarketer Elizabeth says, “Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’m with Resort Rewards Center. You have just a won a free stay in lovely Orlando, Florida. Do you have a few moments to answer a few questions? Are you 18 years of age? Do you have a major credit card? Do you make over $40,000 a year. Do I have your consent to pass to another salesperson?” If she can’t hear you she repeats the question until she gets the answer she wants. I asked her kindly to please remove my phone number off the list. After that she says have a wonderful day and hang up the phone to end the call.

After getting a lot of telemarketing calls, I decided to conduct my own investigation into these on-going telemarketing calls. This investigation focused on who Telemarketer Elizabeth is and what company she works for. Some telemarketing companies go by other names when pitching their time-share vacation packages to consumers. I went on the Internet to conduct a wide search. I have found this possible telemarketing company running under a different name. At this time, I will not disclose this business name due to the on going investigation and legal reasons too.

When a telemarketer keeps calling you repeatedly and you kindly ask them to please remove your telephone number from their list. They still keep calling you. This is a form of harassment and they are breaking the law. In some cases, a consumer can take a telemarketing company to small claims court and the judge to order that telemarketing company pay for damages for every call they have made towards that consumer. For the consumer it is advised to collect as much information on the telemarketer as possible. This will help you get a judgment in your favor and collection some money.

Here are some helpful tips to stop the telemarketing calls. First, keep a record of all the times, date, their phone number, and the conversations from these telemarketers. When it gets to the point of the same telemarketing calling, start doing your own investigation and see where it leads too. Then file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission on the telemarketing company giving you an issue. Finally, if you can get the mailing address of the telemarketing company then you can send them a cease and desist letter to directing them to take your name and phone number off their phone list. If all else fails, I recommend consulting an attorney for possible legal action against a telemarketing company for repeated phone calls to stop. When meeting with an attorney always ask the law firm what their fees are before sitting down with them to discuss your possible case.

All citizens of the United States should start to stand up against bad telemarketing practices. Maybe then the telemarketing industry will get it and with more laws should be passed against bad telemarketing practices. Also, write your state legislators to help change the laws on bad telemarketing phone practices. As a consumer, I recommend double-checking to see if your phone number is on National Do Not Call List. Stand up for your rights and stop being bothered with telemarketers.

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