Activity Review – Sketching manikins at your local mall

By Robert Voss
Multi-Media Journalist

Have you ever wondering why people are playing church? There are many reasons why individuals pretend to be at church. They might live a life of sin or the Devil has got a hold of them. You name and they probably have done it. They are easy to spot in a church. We all know a few people who are doing it. Even, the clergy can spot those people too.

Here’s a list bad behaviors associated with people that are playing church. The first one is someone who comes to church late and leaves early. What a dead give-a-way or just poor time management skills on their part. I have seen this for myself. They want to get in and get out of church fast because they have more important things to do in their life. I thought church should be the most important thing in everyone’s life. Show some respect for God.

The next one is faking the Holy Ghost experience. This part involves their body shaking and speaking of tongues in another language. Can this experience be pulled off? Anything is possible. If you see it and they have faking it call them out. There is no need for them to fake it. It should be a time to communicate with God and Jesus Christ and experience the real thing.

You may see fake churchgoers carrying the Bible into church and never open up the Bible to read the scriptures. Even for myself, I had to open the Bible to read what the Pastor is describing from his/her sermon. That is odd, that someone would just be carrying the Bible into Church and never opening the book during the church service.

Then there are people who don’t sing the Christian songs at the worship service. The Bishop had said not everyone is a great singer. They know the songs, but they just aren’t singing them. I wonder why? If a person is new to the church please give them a break. They may not know the songs. Some churches project the song’s words on the front of the wall so all can sing along. Everyone should be singing the songs.

They have an image problem and worry about what other people are thinking about them selves. People know what they are doing outside of church is wrong, but they are still doing their bad habit. They want to make them selves’ look like a good church person. I understand they may sin once in awhile. But, their bad habit is considered normal to them. It is believed the Devil is guiding them in life.

Another thing is bringing a friend with them to church. They don’t want to be sitting alone in church. So they bring a friend to experience the church. To them it makes them think they are doing something good in their life. Sadly, how people result to this.

Bringing someone new to church and not guiding them through the traditions, customs, and policies of the church. This happened to me. Then they expected me to learn on my own. Wow, great hospitality to someone who is new to the church. It makes me think why would I want to come back to this church anymore. They don’t care about me. They only care about their self-image.

When you interact with a fake church member they will put on a fake smile to give the impression they are so cheerful when they are not. They are not being true to themselves. At some point they will regret what they are doing.

Ask a fake churchgoer about the Judeo-Christian religion? They will only tell you bits and pieces. Then ask them a complicated religious question. They will be stumped or change the subject.

Another thing I found interesting was when I caught the Holy Ghost and told the fake churchgoer. They were like ok. Most people would have said we are proud of you and that is awesome. You would be excited for that person who has never experienced this in their life before. This is something you will remember.

Fake churchgoers are not engaged of what is going on in the church. They tend to pray to themselves.

How can we as a serious churchgoers change the fake churchgoers? Yes, we can by confronting and showing them the proper way of being a real Christian in life. Still, they need to repent for their bad sins in their life and want to make a positive change in their life for the future.

Finally, attending church is not a chore, not a hobby, and not a Sunday exercise. The purpose of coming to church every week is open our self up to God and Jesus. It is should be part of everyone’s life. Everyone is being judged by God.  Love all and God Bless everyone.

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