Harlem Renaissance Experience “Lenox Ave” Opens At Renaissance in July-Aug 2022

Article graphics courtesy by Renaissance Theatre Company

Press Release by Renaissance Theatre Company

And the Center of the World is Harlem-Town… And the Center of Harlem is Lenox Ave 

Orlando, FL (June 28, 2022) – Renaissance Theatre Company proudly presents “Lenox Ave” July 22 through August 13, 2022 at the Ren in Orlando.  Guests will step into an imagined speakeasy called ‘Lenox Ave’ during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s.  Upon making a reservation, each patron will receive an exclusive password to spend an evening in a fantastic nightclub where singers and dancers join incredible musicians to give them a night out like no other.  Dressed to the nines, theatre goers can enjoy an original show, purchase signature cocktails, rub elbows with other illustrious patrons and even venture onto the dance floor.  In addition to classic jazz standards, Orlando-based writer Brandon Martin has set poetry from Langston Hughes’ The Weary Blues to music to create an experience which celebrates the essence of the Harlem Renaissance and the extraordinary Black artists who created the beloved music, fashion, literature, poetry and culture in that incredible time in history. 

From Orlando-based writer and performer Brandon Martin: “Working on this show has been extremely rewarding.  The fact that I am, in a sense, collaborating with Langston Hughes is mind-blowing.  Using poetry from Hughes’ 1926 collection The Weary Blues, I’ve crafted songs in various genres – jazz, blues and R&B, among others – that will celebrate the Black joy of the Harlem Renaissance and will immerse you in the fun, lively atmosphere of our very own speakeasy, Lenox Ave.”

“This is a show for anyone who likes to have a good time,” says Co-Founder of The Ren Donald Rupe.  “At Renaissance Theatre Company, we are creating a unique experience that isn’t just a show; it’s an experience.  In Lenox Ave we have completely redesigned our space to feel like a speakeasy.  We encourage you to dress up if you want.  The dancers are full of energy, the band and the singers are incredible, and I think Brandon Martin’s music really celebrates Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance and the legacy of the incredible Black artists of the time.” 

Lenox Ave is created by Donald Rupe and Brandon Martin, with music written by Brandon Martin and choreography by Adonus Mabry.

Renaissance Theatre Company (or the Ren) was founded by Donald Rupe and Chris Kampmeier in February 2021.  The Ren moved into its new 15,468 square foot theatre space in Loch Haven Park in Summer 2021.  The Ren is dedicated to bringing original theatre to Orlando and beyond.  Through fair pay for artists, sustainability and diversity, the company hopes to grow a new audience for theatre in Orlando.

Experience Lenox Ave playingJuly 22-August 13, 2022 at Renaissance Theatre Company located at 415 E. Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803.  Reservations are $25.  To make reservations  and for more information, visit www.rentheatre.com.

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