Pros and Cons on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas Cabin 14635

By Mike Jones

If you’re going on a Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas cruise and have not picked your cabin yet then let me give you the good and bad about Cabin 14635. I did not pick this cabin for my vacation; the cruise line selected this one for my family.

This cabin is located on desk 14 right in the middle of the ship on the Starboard side. Right above this cabin is the Lido desk 15 with Splashaway Bay. Yes, one can hear the kids playing in the water. On the right side of this cabin is another cabin of the same size. Then on the left side there is a mechanical room. The elevators are equally located on both ends of the ship, which is a plus.

This cabin is roomy for just about two people. There was enough space to place our language inside the cabinets. Sorry, there is no walk in closet in this cabin. Plus, there is plenty of space underneath the bed. Inside the cabinets are wooden hangers to use during your cruise.

Were there any perks given to this cabin? Sorry, my family did not receive any good perks from this cruiseline. In the past, I have heard that some passengers who had received Central Park facing cabins – Jamies Italian lunch coupon. I did not have a chance to taste Jamies Italia, but maybe next time.

How noisy was this cabin? During the daytime, the pool band playing and pool chairs being moved could be heard inside of this cabin. The window/door are not insolated for sound. However, around 6pm the pool band stopped playing music so it was quiet. During the night it was quiet. However, during the early morning, one could hear crewmembers washing the pool deck. This was only for a short period of time. During some late evenings, one could hear children running down the hallways. This is considered normal behavior without parents present.

How’s the balcony view from this cabin? During the summer time, it was very humid. So my family did not spend any time on the balcony. The view was fine. At nighttime, one could see into other cabins across the way if they kept their curtains open. No, one can’t see the ocean from this balcony. One can see just the sky view. This balcony is a great to watch people on the pool deck above and below in Central Park with people walking around.

How were the beds inside of this cabin? These beds were not hard or too soft. If you need to make adjustments to your bed please kindly ask your Cabin Steward. They will be able to assist you. Each bed comes with 2-4 pillows. If you need more then just ask.

The configuration of the bed could be made into two single beds or one queen size bed. If you opt for the single bed please note that the beds are separated six inches apart. So there is not much space to separate.

How was the cabin bathroom? This cabin had a standard toilet, sink, and shower. Sorry, no bathtub. There is plenty of room for one person inside of the bathroom at a time. During our stay, our family saw a few free toiletries along with two drinking glasses on the countertop. At the beginning of this cruise, we were limited to a number of towels. Then we asked for more and our steward was help to supply them.

How’s the climate control inside the cabin? Because it was summer time, it is advised to keep the sliding door closed at all times. Plus, keep the close blinds closed too to keep the sun out. If you want a really cold cabin this is not the one. If you keep the balcony door open then the air condition will shut off. Sorry, there are no ceiling fans to move the air around. However, you can bring your own small box fan to move the air around. The air vents are over the couch on the ceiling wall. If you’re having a cooling problem then contact the front desk for assistance. They will send a HVAC Tech over to your cabin to make repairs.

The cabin TV set is located right in front of the bed. However, there were limited channels to watch. They had the basic cable channels such as MSNBC, Foxnews, ESPN, and much more. Please note that passengers cannot hook up any entertainment gaming systems and or media players to this TV set. So don’t bother bringing your personal gaming system along on your cruise.

Everyone always once to know if they’re enough electrical outlets and USB ports for everyone. In this cabin, at the desk area, there are two electrical outs along with two USB ports. Plus, there is an optional European outlet too. I recommend brining a non-surge protector electrical outlet pod. Plus, by the bed there are electrical outlets one on each side near the wall lamp. It is recommended to bring an extra USB hub to connect to the cabin’s USB port. Please note that the USB charging power may be a little slower on the land.

How’s the floor and carpet in this cabin? The carpet and floor were clean. I did not have any complaints about it. Even the bathroom was clean too. No problems to report.

How’s the size of the mini fridge? There was nothing stocked in this fridge when I arrived and moved into this cabin. Your family can fit a few drinks inside of this fridge. It can hold three wine bottles on the fridge door. Plus, it fit a total of eight 8oz soda cans on the two shelves. There really was not room for food.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quiet cabin than this is not the one for you and your family. I did use a white sound machine at nighttime to drown out noise by the cabin door. It did help some. If you don’t mind the noise than this is a great cabin, which is close to Windjammer Market, the Quick Bites Restaurant, pool, and video game room. This cabin is a great value for the money. Get online and start planning your cruise vacation today! For more information please visit

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Artwork by Nathan Wertheimer

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