Off Topic – The Progressive on Ice Show TV Commercial


Written by Robert Voss
Editorial Commentary

If you love the Progressive on Ice Show TV commercial then I am sorry to say this is not a real show at this time. Right now this TV commercial is in the spotlight at the moment. This commercial came out around July 2019 and has been shown ever since.

Here is a brief overview of this thirty-second TV commercial. The footage starts out with Flo and Jamie on skates dancing around. Then the next scene has a group of extra characters on ice, which include an astronaut, a chef, a police officer, and a traffic cone guy.

Next, Jamie is holding a “Discounts” box. Then comes the house and car scene along with Flo in a pink background. Also, there is text on the bottom that states, “This is a fictionalization paid for Progressive Casualty Ins. Co & affiliates.”

Then the next scene is the congestion of eight vehicles in a green background. Next, a group of three characters create a traffic accident scene with a vehicle that hit a pole along with Flo and a police officer standing by.

Then the scene shows a child enjoying the show with 1-800-Progessive and on the bottom center of the screen. Then cuts to Jamie with a big boom box then to Flo dancing.

Then two characters pick up the “Discounts” box from the shelf. Then cuts to Flo flying in the air with text on the bottom of the screen, which says, “Comparison are illustrative. Not available in all states or situations.” Next, it shows Flo with a couple in a gondola boat moving. Flo is having a good time looking around.

Then the next scene is set in a park with Flo, Jamie, and a businessman skating around with money raining down. Then text pops up and says “But Why. Ice Dancer Weekly.” Then cuts to Jamie dancing.

There is a whole scene with a total of ten characters with vehicles moving in a circle. Then they cut to a tight shot of a dog character scene at angle along with text that says, “Prices vary based on how you buy.” Then flashing some text on the scene, which says, “I had the whole row to myself” along with “The Family Fun Times.”

Finally, the finale shot with all of the characters dancing. Then cuts away to Progressive on Ice logo and text on the bottom, which states, “Tickets not available now or ever.”

If enough consumers request seeing this real live Progressive on Ice Show it could happen. This TV commercial is very unique and I believe many families would enjoy watching this ice skating show in person.

Here is how this show can be produced. There is a company out there that produces the Disney on Ice Show, which travels around the United States. Why not this same production company takes a lead and turns this TV commercial into a real life ice skating show around characters Flo and Jamie. Most TV audiences already know who they are. This would be great branding for Progressive.

However, there have been mixed reviews on this commercial. It is unknown how much backlash that Progressive is getting from this TV commercial spot. If you create it they will come. This is in reference to families wanting to see the ice skating show. I personally want to see it myself. Everyone will have to wait and see if this show becomes a reality. If you would like to see this commercial again please visit

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