Product Review – Black + Decker One Step Steam Iron – Model IR18XS


By Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

Before I purchased the Black + Decker One Step Steam Iron, Model IR18XS, I previously owned and used the Black + Decker Model IR08X. This iron model lasted me between 3-4 years. Every week I would iron 5 dress shirts. The results were I ironed 1040 shirts in 4 years. Not to bad. This iron was very reliable and held up well.

How did I know it was time for a new iron? I first noticed a build-up of residue on the metal surface of the iron. Plus, this was an old iron that would heat and cool down very fast. There was no steam coming out of the iron either. The results were my dress suits were still damp even though I just ironed them. Then I said to myself it looks like it is time for a new iron.

Who is Black + Decker? This brand is sold at many retail stores. They sell much more than just irons. They sell small appliances, power tools, and much more. Their name brand stands behind their quality products.

They claim that they have the #1 brand in irons as stated on the box. I wanted to fact check this to be sure. Upon looking at other reviews, this model did not come up. Other publications tend to review middle to high-end steam irons.

There are other iron brand names in the market which are Rowenta, Sunbeam, Singer, Panasonic, Steamfast, Conair, Kenmore, Shark, Frigidaire, Maytag, and some off brands as well. Compare them for yourself.

When I was shopping around for a new iron I decided to purchase the Black + Decker One Step Steam Iron, Model IR18XS at Wal-Mart for $17.98 plus tax. The UPC code is 0-50875-82247-4. I liked the price compared to the other brands. It was not the cheapest. However, it was not the most expensive either.

One other note, if you need an iron during Thanksgiving and Christmas time there will be very few choices to pick from. This happened to me many years ago when I needed an iron. Don’t let this happen to you. You may end up purchasing it online at the last minute.

Here are the specs on this iron from Wal-Mart:
• Even Steam Stainless Soleplate – Even steam distribution from heel to tip helps tame wrinkles anywhere on garments.

• Smart Steam? Control – The easy-read control automatically regulates and optimizes steam levels based on the temperature setting you select.

• Spray Mist and Steam Burst Buttons

Here’s how both Black + Decker Model IR08X verses the Model IR18XS (New Current model) compare. Both have the same height and weight. All the buttons are in the same place. Both are made with plastic, metal, and have wires, and have an electrical cord attached to unit. It has the same heating method to iron one’s clothing. Nothing has changed.

When consumers open the product box, one will find an iron, one attachment, and instruction manual. One will notice the end of the electrical cord has a plastic seal on it. This is for consumers protection. One will know it has never used except for manufacturing testing one time as stated on the box. This iron is ready to use straight out of the box. Just plug in and start ironing! It may take few minutes to heat up before use.

Finally, never buy a used iron. One doesn’t know where it has been or how many times it has been used. It is just a matter of time before the irons goes out of service. Always buy a new iron and it will last a long time. I recommend this iron for anymore who needs a dependable iron. For more information on this iron please visit or


Photo by . Above photo of a Black + Decker Iron at a Walmart Store.

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