Dollar Tree Stores raise their prices on products to $1.25 each in December 2021

By Robert Voss

Central Florida – On Monday, December 6, 2021, when stores opened in the morning, shoppers may have been sticker shock. All Dollar Tree Stores have raised their prices on almost products.  For thirty-five years there has never been an increase in the price until now. There are some shoppers who are against the price increase and rightfully so.

Currently, there are many people questioning why the store changed their prices right now. It is almost three weeks to Christmas and the corporate at Dollar Tree made this decision long ago for a price increase because of inflation and transportation costs.

Most female shoppers have accepted the change while some of the male shoppers disagree about the price increase. Either was everyone pays the higher price on products. We live in times, which most people are struggling.

Here is a list of items that stayed true to the one dollar. They are single server candy bars, gum/mints, DSD chips pre-priced under $1.25, magazines, newspapers, handmade international greeting cards, Hallmark cards, Dollar Tree gift cards, Green Dot gift cards, canned fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, canned soups, and ramen noodles

When I visited a local Dollar Tree store in Metro Orlando, I found the store very crowded and the parking lot almost full. Now store associates are educating the public on the price increase. Watch for other stores to increase their prices on products and services too. Expect another price increase in the future from Dollar Tree. Happy shopping.

One comment

  1. if i can find items cheaper than 1.25 i will go elsewhere.
    My shopping is also contingent on checkout line length.
    it makes no sense to save a few dollars when i have to spend a half hour in line.

    I look at the lines when i go in and if they are disney world lines, i go elsewhere or come back later


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