Mail Box – 2019 Duke Energy FixedBill Program Enrollment

MailBoxGrahpicsWritten by Robert Voss

Recently, again I have received this information in the mail from Duke Energy. This marketing campaign is called the FixedBill, which is a company wide program. They want customers to enroll in this FixedBill payment plan for one year. Before signing up do your homework like I did.

This year’s mailer is very colorful with blue, green, and orange on it. The envelope states “12 months, 1 fixed monthly price, and 0 surprises.” Then the envelope headline states “Take the guesswork out of your energy bill with Your FixedBill. Enroll today! On the backside of the envelope it states, “Do drastic changes in weather mean surprises on your energy bill? Not with Your FixedBill!”

The inside mailer lists a bunch of facts that they want you to consider. Duke Energy states “Your FixedBill amount is determined by: your past electrical usage, historical average weather temperatures, and a program premium.

DukeEnergyFixedBillEnvelope19Image of scanned front of envelope from Duke Energy

They quoted me 12 months FixedBill for only $55 per month as compared last year with $60. I thought this would be a good deal, but hold on one minute. Let me spell out my past monthly bills from 2018 and you decide if you think this is a good deal. The 2018 electric bills are based on a 660 square feet apartment. Here is my household monthly electric bill breakdown:

January 2018 – $47.07 (Lowest Bill)
February 2018 – $57.29
March 2018 – $50.19
April 2018 – 49.37
May 2018 – $55.60
June 2018 – $52.49
July 2018 – $64.94
August 2018 – $71.01
September 2018 – $65.84
October 2018 – $56.39
November 2018 – $75.84 (Highest bill)
December 2018 – $55.75

The total for 2018 was $701.78 with an average of $58.48. However, the total for 2018 FixedBill rate for the year would be $660 with a difference of $41.78. As one can see, there is some savings for this year. My honest opinion is this is not a great deal and for some people think it is. It might be better for a household who consumes a large amount of electricity. It is recommended to review your past 2018 monthly electric bills. Each household will be quoted a different monthly amount based on their average electricity consumption. Read the fine print before enrolling today.

If you change your mind, Duke Energy sent two mailers in 2018 to remind consumers about this FixedBill program. They might be doing the same this year too. Customers who are interested in this FixedBill program need to enroll by as soon as possible. There is no deadline on this mailer. Just call or mail in the post card back to Duke Energy. Any questions please visit or call 1-800-578-2236.

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Sources of information: First hand experience and Duke Energy mailer





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