Off Topic – Shortage of Toilet Paper in Central Florida


Written by Robert Voss
Editorial Opinion

The Coronavirus still continues in Central Florida and around the World. Some areas are hit harder than others. While all of us need the essentials for modern life, toilet paper is becoming harder to find at many retail stores and online too. Are you having a hard time finding toilet paper? You’re not alone. Some people have taken upon themselves to hoard this product too.

Why are people stockpiling toilet paper at home? There is not a simple answer for this issue. Some people are stocking up for fears that there will be a mass self-quarantine for a long period of time. Everyone wants to be prepared for that case if it happens. The Coronavirus is not known to give people diarrhea. I’m not saying it can’t happen.

Many toilet paper manufactures are trying to ramp up production on this needed commodity. No one could have predicted that this would be a hot product in our society. On, they are telling consumers “We’re working to get Charmin to our retailers. Stay safe and space a square for your neighbors.” Another manufacturer Angelsoft brand has posted a brief notice on there website. “As we all work to manage through this situation, we encourage you to not purchase more than you need. In case it’s helpful, you can use the (toilet paper calculator) as a starting point to figure out how much TP you and your family might need in the next month.’

Over the last two weeks, I could find any toilet paper stocked on store shelves. Some of the places I have checked were Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, and Target. When many stores receive a shipment, there are gone within a short amount of time. Now retailers are limiting the amount of toilet paper shoppers can buy. There have be fights in retail stores over toilet paper too. Everyone should remain calm over this period of uncertainty. Call your local retail store about when the next shipment of toilet paper will arrive. Another idea is to arrive early when the store opens and check to see if they have re-stocked the shelves. It is recommended to only buy what you need and give another shopper a chance to buy it too.

Photo by Photo of empty shelves at Walmart Altamonte.

Another place to buy toilet paper is online at either eBay or Amazon. Watch out for high toilet paper prices. Do not over pay for this product. When ordering online expect to pay for the product and shipping costs as well. Some vendors may offer free shipping too.

Also there have been reports of people stealing toilet paper from stores and commercial office buildings. Law enforcement will be out looking for people stealing toilet paper. Be rest assured that anyone caught stealing this product will be handed the strongest sentence by a judge. This could mean a fine and jail time or a combination of both. Think before you do this.

Finally, only stock toilet paper what you need. If you see it, buy it. Report any price gouging to your State Attorney General Office. No one should be taken advantage of during this time. We all are going to get through this together. It is recommended to use the toilet paper calculator to estimate the number of rolls you need for a month. Be kind and have patience.

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