Off Topic – Review on Be Naughty Dating Website

By Mike Jones

Please note this is adult content and is not intended for children. This article is written from a guy’s perspective.

Recently, I decide to give a try. This is an adult dating website.  At first, I did not know much about this website. Here is what I found. It was easy to sign up then I added one good profile photo. Then I was off to see whom I would meet. I did not have high expectations on the free membership level.

What is Be Naughty Dating Website? This is a website geared towards men and women who want to date, casual relationship, friends with benefits, and much more. The website host is Stolichnaq from the British Virgin Islands. They do have a New York City office address. I could not find any information on Stolichnaq LTD. It is believed that they are running this website from Shumen, Bulgaria.

This website wants new customers to take advantage of the entire features of a paid member and this is how they make their money. Their paid membership ranges from 99¢ a day to $27.90 per month for 3-months. They take all major credit cards. It is recommended to pay on a pre-paid gift card so that you are in control of your account at all times. Automatic billing may happen. Check your monthly credit card statement for reoccurring charges.

Once on this website viewers will browse around many lady profiles. I have observed many things. Many lady profile files would start popping up with new matches or new like in my bell inbox. The bell in-box count kept climbing until it reaches 99+ over several days. Why did this happen? Viewers would click on the like gallery button (heart icon) for every single match even if they did not live in the same area. Then one will have search for the ladies in your area. This is kind of time consuming.

When reviewing many lady profiles, one can see they only usually one photo along with very little personal information. Many of the photos are classy, professional looking, and nude shots. Some ladies post nude photos showing the chest and crotch areas. The viewers might find these photos attractive or distasteful. This is up to you the viewer.

Most of these profile matches that were out of my local area and or state. There were a lot of matches from these cities such as Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Dallas, New York, and much more. There were many from the Central Florida area too.

There are restrictions with a free membership. One can’t read the in-box messages because you have to be a paid member. These messages will stay in your inbox for 24 hours then be deleted. One will see a count down clock to see when they expire.

While browsing the website many viewers will get pop up ads to sign-up for their membership. Watch for [Time-limited offer! New discount 60% off. Current discount 50% off. Time left (count down clock). (I want it green button).] Don’t sign up right away to see if you get a discount for waiting.

One thing viewers will find are pop up advertisement for other dating website such as,, Free Sex Match,, and much more. All these ads redirect viewer to other similar website designs. Basically, it is the same concept under a different name.

When these pop up ads happen it takes viewers to another website with the same username, your profile photo, and they want you to pay for another membership.  To get rid of the their ad, please close the browser window and then reopen for a fresh page.

Here is what the BBB has said about this website. The BBB conducted an investigation and received complains on billing. Here is the link about what they said at

Online reviews have been mixed on this dating website. Some people claim to have success and others have not. The choice is yours to make.

If you find you don’t want your profile to be on this website, then click on the bottom of the website to have your information removed. Look for [Do not Sell My Personal Information, 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirement Compliance Statement] Please send a letter to Stolichnaq LTD, Attention Information Removal, 20 Solifiisko Shose Street, Entrance B, 2 Floor, Apartment 4, City of Shuman 9700, Region of Shumen, Bulgaria. I was unable to confirm this address on Google Maps.

Finally, after observing this website for  two weeks. I thought not to be a paid member for many reasons as explained above. Always do your homework before going on any dating website. I went on this website for entertainment purposes only to see what was out there. Customers should always do their homework before signing up for any online dating websites. This will save you time and money. Good luck in finding the right dating website for you.

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